Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To 20 Years At Low Security ‘Club Fed’ For Role In Sex Trafficking Girls

Written by K. Walker on June 28, 2022

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So, do we call it now that Ghislaine did not kill herself?

After all, how safe is it to put a woman who has blackmail material on some of the most powerful people in the world in a low-security prison?

You’d think they’d put her in a higher security facility just for her own safety.

But then… Maxwell is heading to prison and the names in her “black book” still haven’t been made public.

Will we ever know for certain the identities of the rich and powerful that were having sex with the underage girls trafficked by Epstein and Maxwell?

It seems unlikely. Her legal team made a deal with prosecutors before the trial even began to keep the 97-pages of names from being released to the public and the judge warned about “needless namedropping” in the media.

It’s even more unlikely if some unfortunate accident occurred like with her former lover, Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell has apparently been put on suicide watch.

Unlike the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial where every minute detail was on display for all to see, cameras weren’t permitted in the courtroom during Maxwell’s trial.

You’d think that if Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking girls as young as 14, then the buyers of those underage sex services should be facing prosecution as well, eh?

There is some consolation that Maxwell will be locked away for quite some time.

Judge Alison Nathan handed down the 240-month sentence followed by five years supervised release after calling Maxwell’s crimes ‘heinous and prefatory.’ The judge imposed a fine of $750,000 and recommended she be sent to the Danbury, Connecticut, Federal Correctional Institution.

The low-security federal prison was the inspiration for the fictional prison in the Netflix show ‘Orange Is The New Black.’

‘Ms. Maxwell worked with Epstein to select young victims who were vulnerable and played a pivotal role in facilitating sexual abuse,’ Judge Nathan said, making it clear the case called for a ‘very significant sentence’ that sent an ‘unmistakable message’ that such crimes would be punished.

There is no parole for federal prison, so Maxwell is likely to serve the entire 20-year sentence, but could potentially be released a few years early for good behavior.
Source: Daily Mail

This woman helped Not-Dead-Enough Jeffrey Epstein to groom, sexually abuse, and traffick underage girls and now she gets spend that time in a low-security federal prison for 20 years.

It seems like a long time, but also not quite justice. After all, this woman allegedly took part in the sexual abuse of minors, was unrepentant, and then she and her attorneys tried to shift the blame for her actions anywhere that they could.

Maxwell’s attorneys tried to paint her as a victim and said that the U.S. government only went after her after Epstein’s death.

She even trashed her own deceased father claiming she deserved leniency because he abused her and her siblings.

“Maxwell argued for leniency, saying she and her siblings had been mentally and physically abused as children by their father, British publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell,” according to the sentencing memo.

Oh. So abuse affects people negatively, does it? Imagine what it’s like for a young girl who suddenly finds herself being sex trafficked by a rich woman whom she trusted!

Prosecutors said that Maxwell’s attempt “to cast aspersions on the government for prosecuting her, and her claim that she is being held responsible for Epstein’s crimes, are both absurd and offensive.”

“Instead of showing even a hint of acceptance of responsibility, the defendant makes a desperate attempt to cast blame wherever else she can,” they added.

The sentencing was delivered as the Regime Media was instead focused on the January 6 show trial and running with the absurd testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.

Hutchinson, who testified after being denied a job at Mar-a-Lago, said that Trump had tried to take control of the steering wheel while riding in the Presidential limousine.

Showing this is much more important than rounding up the people that sexually abused young girls, apparently.

Our media is an absolute joke.

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