Is Jan 6 ‘Threat To Democracy’ Narrative Just A Distraction From A REAL One?

Written by Wes Walker on June 23, 2022

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We’re supposed to accept the narrative that Trump tried to subvert an election result and forget the fact that Democrats haven’t let a Republican win uncontested since George H. W. Bush.

Here’s a gem from back in 2016, when Democrat glory-boy and the Clinton flunky group MoveOn tried to subvert Trump’s win by encourging the practice of *gasp* faithless electors to deny Trump his Electoral College win.

Despite a spirited push by radical left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore and MoveOn, efforts to prevent Republican Donald Trump from prevailing in the official Electoral College vote yesterday failed.

The Left tried to get 37 of Trump’s 306 presidential electors to vote for somebody other than Trump. There were only two “faithless” electors from his camp and both came from Texas. In the Lone Star State, electors vote by secret ballot. Christopher Suprun apparently voted for presidential also-ran Ohio Gov. John Kasich, as he vowed in recent days. The other elector voted for former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) instead of Trump. —Capital Research, Dec, 2016

The real reason this event got the attention it did was that the same Constitutional practice of challenging electors as they are being counted on Jan 6 that Democrats have used after Republican wins for years now stood a real chance of succeeding, and denying either candidate a clear Electoral College win.

Had that happened, Trump would have and an advantage, Biden would have been denied his Presidency, and the Senate would have remained in Republican hands.

We will never know what might have been had the crowd that day remained ‘peaceful and patriotic’ as Trump had encouraged them to, and we’re not convinced that the Jan 6 committee is actually looking for anything other than a chance to smear both Trump and the MAGA movement, while putting the bulk of control back in the hands of Uniparty establishment hacks — whichever side of the aisle they happen to legislate from.

As we have covered in the past, there are a lot of culpability questions not being asked in these committees, a lot of dishonest out-of-context evidence being presented, (like the video that conveniently left out Trump’s ‘peacefully and patriotically’ portion of his speech that fateful day.

But Albin Sadar, the producer of Eric Metaxas’s show brings us back to evidence of a threat to our democracy that the Jan 6 people are explicitly DIS-interested in looking into.

He builds a bigger case in his article that we can cite here, but here are a few of the datapoints he draws his conclusions from:

– The energy of the Trump supporters at his rallies
– After Gore-Bush, every American demanded transparency in ballot process
– In 2020, 6 critical battleground states all halted counting within an hour of each other, while more and more ballots — from somewhere — kept being counted.
– Evidence of Biden admin’s extreme partisanship, even at the departmental levels
– Past history of the political left’s power-at-any-price tactics. (Remember Crossfire Hurricane?)
– Long before the 2020 results, a film from March 2020 called ‘Kill Chain’ alleged TRUMP was going to electronically rig the election
– Time magazine ran that infamous story about various groups ‘fortifying the election’ for Biden.

You can read what conclusions he draws from these data points over on his site, but it makes you wonder.

We know this is a shameless attempt by people who were already convinced that Trump was a bad man to disqualify him from political office. But what if there’s another reason?

We’ve all seen the pattern of Democrats accusing Republicans of the sins they themselves are most guilty of, haven’t we?

What if this has another, simpler purpose besides the political destruction of Donald J. Trump?

It’s a question worth asking, isn’t it?

Now that we’re on the topic, Jan 6 has blown through every safeguard protecting the accused from overreaching power of politically malevolent people running government-backed investigations into private individuals. Privilege was ignored. Fourth Amendment protections were trampled. And there are already rumblings that, based on information that no judge in the land would have given cops a warrant to seize, the DOJ will be considering whether to go ahead with criminal proceedings.

The grave threat to Democracy isn’t some tattooed vegan in a bison hat. It’s abuses of power like this one by people who claim to be doing so for… say it with me … ‘the greater good’.

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