J6 ‘Star Witness’ Testimony Shot Down By Secret Service Agents Offering Sworn Testimony

Written by Wes Walker on June 29, 2022

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Anyone foolhardy enough to tune into the latest scheduled J6 press event will have seen a master class in why our courts are required to have rules of evidence.

Our courts require rules in what evidence can be collected, under which circumstances. They require the reporting of what a witness actually saw, rather than what some third party may have told them happened. They require the right of the accused to face his accuser, cross-examine the claims, and bring exculpatory witnesses of his own.

No such courtroom rules of evidence apply here. Which is the exact reason we keep the roles of evidence gathering, prosecution, and punishment carefully distinct from each other. The Jan 6 commission is more of a Star Chamber, Kangaroo Court, or Inquisition — whichever metaphor you prefer.

Yesterday’s tedious proceedings involved a lot of hearsay evidence about what someone said had happened, with one of the more salacious claims involving Trump in the Presidential limo.

Cassidy Hutchinson testified she heard Trump allegedly attempted to lunge for the wheel of a vehicle being driven by a Secret Service agent in a fit of rage when he found out he was not going to be taken to the Capitol building after giving his speech near the White House. When the agent refused to go to the Capitol, Hutchinson said Trump then reached for area around the agent’s neck.

Hutchinson’s claim about Trump’s actions spread like wildfire as, to many, it showed how far he was willing to go to carry out the riot.

A big problem with Hutchinson’s claim, however, is that Secret Service agents are set to testify that Trump did not reach for the wheel or the agent’s throat. —TownHall

We know the names of his detail, and there is a problem with that story.

Reaching through to the steering wheel in the Presidential limo seems exceedingly improbable, based on how limos are designed in the first place.

Either they are telling the truth or they are lying.

Trump haters have already concluded the latter. If so, the activist left in the DOJ will be more than happy to pursue perjury charges.

But if they both shoot down this story, this J6 commission will look like the partisan clowns they have been since the beginning.

Or have we already forgotten the ‘mistakes’ Schiff made when misrepresenting leaked text messages between Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan to change their meaning?

Or that completely bogus and defamatory dramatic reading of the Ukraine Phone call with Zelensky that Schiff pulled directly out of his ass?

Every one of these people voted to impeach Trump, and they’re desperate to prove they were right to do so. This is why the presumption of innocence and all the other safeguards of our judicial system and Bill of Rights are so important.

How ironic to see people blowing through every one of those safeguards in the name of ‘protecting our democracy’ from being ‘destroyed’ by Trump.

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