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LMAO: Megyn Kelly Throws Shade At AOC’s Roe Response … Calls Her A ‘Moron’ And ‘Kardashian In Congress’

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During an interview where Megyn Kelly speaks as a credentialed lawyer about the actual *substance* of the decisions and the dissents, she was asked about the liberal meltdowns. Her answer was gold.

Maxine Waters was up there saying to Hell with the Supreme Court.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was out there with a bullhorn and telling people to take to the streets. Can’t say that we’re entirely sure whether she meant it in the way that those domestic terrorists at Jane’s Revenge did or not. Also, she’s raging against SCOTUS, as though they weren’t explicitly designated by the Framers to be insulated against exactly this sort of political pressure tactic.

She may be an effective polemicist and social media influencer, sure. But nobody’s calling her a scholar.

Megyn Kelly, who has actually practiced law for 10 years and read every word of these decisions, including the dissents and the concurrence is going further than calling her ‘not a scholar’.

She’s using the words ‘not very smart’ and ‘Kardashian’ in her answer to a question about AOC’s reaction.

It’s hard to disagree with her answer.

As for the Maxine Waters statement? Kelly takes a pretty good swipe at that one as well.



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