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WATCH: Hillary Clinton And Justice Sonia Sotoymayor Have VERY Different Views Of Justice Clarence Thomas…

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Who do you think knows Justice Clarence Thomas better — someone that may have met him at Yale Law in the 1970s or his work colleague and friend for more than a decade?

Hillary was on CBS Mornings on Tuesday weighing in on the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe and sent the abortion issue back to the state legislatures where it belongs.

Clinton told Gayle King that back in the day, she went to law school with Justice Thomas and said that he was always been a person of “resentment, grievance, anger” for as long as she’s known him.

The video clip was being shared widely on Twitter.

Hillary’s picture of Justice Thomas is pretty grim:

As an aside, her claim that “women will die” doesn’t acknowledge the butchering that happens during an abortion and that the death rate from abortion pre-Roe often cited by the pro-aborts has been exaggerated. In 2019, the Washington Post even fact-checked a claim by Planned Parenthood that “thousands of women” died every year before Roe. It received 4 Pinocchios.

Of course, we know that Hillary isn’t exactly known for her honesty and perhaps all of this handwringing we’re seeing is just an opportunist capitalizing on a moment when the Biden admin can’t seem to handle any issue and both Joe’s and Kamala’s low approval ratings are leaving the door open for even someone as unlikeable as the former First Lady…

What’s interesting is that just over a week ago, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was talking about Justice Thomas — her colleague of 13 years — and had nothing but good things to say about him even though they disagree on almost all cases that come before them. She spoke about his kindness and how he cares about people.

Here’s Justice Sotomayor speaking at the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy in Washington, D.C. on June 16.

A longer clip here gives a little more context and her commitment to having friendships with a variety of people even if she disagrees with them, and she considers Clarence Thomas among them.

Maybe Hillary needs to watch that clip of Sotomayor.

At the end of the segment on CBS Mornings, Gayle King said that they didn’t get a response from Justice Thomas.

It’s pretty likely that the response would have been something like this…

As for Justice Thomas’s concurring Dobbs opinion where he writes that the Supreme Court should revisit the “rights” that were inserted into the Consitution, well, that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows anything about his judicial philosophy.

Justice Thomas is an Originalist who believes that the rulings should be found in the text and not in the “penumbras and emanations” simply because one side wants them there.

As a conservative, he also believes that the branches of government are co-equal. It really shouldn’t be any surprise that he doesn’t think that one branch of government should usurp authority over another.

He’s also not at all afraid to be the only one standing when he knows that he is right.

As for Hillary’s claim that he was always a person of “resentment, grievance, anger”, well, he wasn’t a conservative back in law school — he was a radical leftist who was a “Malcolm X devotee” and an active member of the Black Student Union. He even admits that he was angry back then.

National Review editor Philip Klein alluded to Thomas being on the left at the time in his tweet as well as that they even graduate the same year. Hillary graduated from Yale Law in 1973 and Thomas graduated the year after.

As Klein notes, Thomas’s conservativism hadn’t really taken hold until after graduation. He had made friends with John Bolton (yes, that John Bolton) that began the process. In 1975 Thomas was given a book by none other than… Thomas Sowell.

In 1972 Thomas was touched by the kindness of a white student who had found and returned his lost wallet.

The student’s name was John Bolton, now a formidable figure on the American right.

He would become Thomas’ friend and ideological sparring partner.

A few years later, in 1975, Thomas was given a book called Race and Economics, by influential black economist Thomas Sowell.

The book suggests that African-Americans are always going to be on losing end of any political struggle and that true freedom can only be found through capitalism.

“When he read this book, it was the culmination of a disillusionment with the left and [he] began his long march to the right,” [Political Scientist Corey] Robin says.
Source: ABC News Australia

Here is Justice Thomas talking about being a radical in his own words:

Oh, look at that! It seems like Hillary Clinton is an opportunistic power-hungry liar. Who could’ve guessed it?

They’re going to try to trot her out again in 2024 even though she has no shame in lying about a Supreme Court Justice on national television after the attempted assassination of another Supreme Court Justice.

It’s absolutely shameful, but just the sort of thing that you’d expect from the DNC.

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