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WATCH: Morning Joe Says It’s GOOD That Sen. Manchin Blocked ‘Build Back Better’ But Back In January…

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It seems that flip-flopping Joe Scarborough will say anything at all to appease his MSNBC audience.

Something tells me, however, that they’re probably not going to be happy that he’s telling them to “thank” Senator Joe Manchin, whom they basically see as a Republican.

Now that inflation is hitting a 40-year high and it’s pretty clear it’s because of rampant government spending, Scarborough is now moderating his former position on passing Biden’s “Build Back Brandon Better” spending behemoth.

Here is Joe Scarborough five months ago saying that the onus is on Joe Manchin to get the $1.7 Trillion spending bill passed. He also identifies the “real issue” facing Democrats is that they just don’t have a big enough majority and have to rely on negotiations with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

On Monday, former Treasury official, Steve Rattner, appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to talk about inflation. During the segment, Scarborough said that it was a “good thing” that “the progressive’s $6 trillion wish” (ie. “Build Back Brandon Better”) spending didn’t go through and said that we should “thank Joe Manchin that interest rates aren’t even higher.”

Interestingly, the video posted on MSNBC of Rattner on “Morning Joe” that explained how 2/3 of the inflation are “life necessities” doesn’t include that little clip grabbed by Tom Elliott.

Unless Rattner was on the show in another segment talking about the very same thing…? That seems weird, but it is MSNBC, so you never know.

Flashback to January 2022, here’s Joe Scarborough pretty frustrated that Democrats couldn’t negotiate the passage of “Build Back Brandon Better” saying that it was “pretty simple stuff” to get the spending agenda passed.

Yeah… No. It isn’t that simple.

In December 2021, Rattner explained on Morning Joe that Manchin’s objections to Clueless Joe’s “Build Back Brandon Better” was the massive price tag and the shady way that the Dems were insisting that it was “paid for.”

Joe Scarborough clearly didn’t see that rampant government spending and money printing cause inflation and didn’t seem to care… until inflation actually hit.

It’s hard to believe that this guy ever called himself a Republican.

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