WHITE PRIVILEGE? Nancy Pelosi Shoves Little Girl Out Of The Way For Photo Op

Written by Wes Walker on June 27, 2022

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It’s not a great week for the Pelosi family. Between Paul’s DUI charges, her party popularity in free-fall, and several big SCOTUS rulings Nancy has nothing to crow about.

Having to swear in Mayra Flores, Congress’s very first Mexican-born member as a Republican who just won a region held by Democrats since the 1870s, and she’s got to be hitting her ice cream stash pretty hard.

But that’s no reason to take out her frustrations on a child.

Let’s try and describe the event with the sort of language Nancy herself would use if a Republican were doing it. ‘Privileged white bigot shoves young minority girl out of her way for a photo op.’ That may not be word-for-word what the WaPo headline would be if a Republican did it, but we’re not far off.

In the photo-op for the swearing-in of that selfsame Mayra Flores, Nancy gave Flores’ daughter a shove out of the way.

That little girl had more class in that one moment than Nancy did in her entire political career, and mom said as much.

The world needs more examples like that young lady because nobody wants their kids to grow up to be a cynical old bat like Pelosi. That was the inspiration behind this book…

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