Drag Queen Dressed Like A Topless Stripper Struts With Little Girl — Is This ‘Family-Friendly’?(VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on July 4, 2022

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If this was an actual stripper dressed like this walking hand-in-hand with a little girl there would be outrage.

And yet, some people insist that it’s a “blessing of liberty” to have very young children to “entertained” by gay burlesque performers.

Exactly how Drag Queens became the gateway into the LGBTQ+ for children remains a bit of a mystery… but here we are.

While videos of Drag Queens writing and dancing suggestively in front of children have gone viral over the last few weeks, this one after the conclusion of “Pride month” was unlike the others.

In it, a drag queen wearing a thong with bills shoved into it and fake breasts with only pasties covering the nipples is walking holding hands with a very young girl wearing a tiara who keeps turning to look at the “topless” performer while someone laughs in the background.

The caption read, “Children belong at drag shows!!!! Children deserve to see fun & expression & freedom” along with three emojis — one of a rainbow flag, hands making a heart, and a celebratory face.

Conservative political commentator Lauren Chen posted the video that was then shared all over Conservative Twitter.

Someone reacted to the video “This is amazing” along with the emoji with “puppy dog” eyes. The creator of the video replied, “ISNT IT, baby was in AWE”

The Libs that think it’s okay for a drag queen to jiggle her naked, fake ta-tas in front of a preschooler are behaving as though they’re your moral and intellectual superiors.

Yeah… No.

This is very clearly exposing a young child to sexualized content — what many people consider “grooming” — and in the anti-grooming state of Florida, to boot!

The Drag Brunch at R House was ranked as one of the Top 10 Drag shows in Miami by the Miami New Times. The New Times ran a feature about R House’s Sunday Drag Brunch in 2017.

Of course, Chris Rufo retweeted it and called it like it is:

Rufo has been making the case that we shouldn’t be calling these events “Drag shows” we should instead call them trans stripper performances.

While I personally think that “gay burlesque” is more apropos for most events, in this case, he appears to be correct.

Christina Pushaw, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s spokesperson, replied to those tagging her as the video circulated.

One person suggested that the next legislative priority for the state should be to permanently shut down venues that “offer sexually-oriented performances while children are present.”

Pushaw replied that it seems like a good idea.

While the Left (and seemingly the David Frenchs of this world) appear to believe that introducing very young children to Drag Queen performances while simultaneously discussing radical gender ideology isn’t just “harmless fun” but also a “blessing of liberty” in a free society, there’s at least one person within the “drag community” that doesn’t agree.

A couple of years ago, a Drag Queen known as “Kitty Demure” has said that children don’t belong at drag performances.

Two years later, “Kitty” is doubling down and insisting that kids shouldn’t be doing drag and drag shows are no place for children.

This drag queen is right. Kids don’t belong at any sort of sexualized performance gay or straight.

We should seriously question the motives of anyone who thinks otherwise.

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