Public School Employee ARRESTED In Child Sex Sting Called For LGBT Teaching And Mocked Parents (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on July 22, 2022

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Oh, look at that! Yet another person in the field of education who has pedophilic tendencies. Imagine my shock.

Over the past few months, the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan has been conducting an online sting operation to catch child sex predators. It’s been quite successful — since mid-May, 10 individuals have been arrested, including 3 that were arrested last week in Mt. Pleasant.

One of the men captured was 41-year-old Eric Rohman who is employed by the Mt. Pleasant school board.

   Three men were arrested Thursday and Friday morning during an online child sex sting orchestrated by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office.
   Jeffrey Davis, 59, of Harrison; Joel Middleton, 27, of Shepherd; and Eric Rohman, 41, of Mt. Pleasant were arrested at an undisclosed location, according to a press release from the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office. All three were arrested for using a computer to commit a crime and accosting a minor for immoral purposes.
   Police allege that the three communicated over various social media apps with decoys posing as children. The three are accused of going to a location to have sex with a child, where they were arrested.
   The three have yet to be charged criminally.
Source: Mount Pleasant Morning Sun

According to the press release, other agencies involved in the sting were:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Michigan State Police
  • Michigan State Police analytics unit
  • CMENT and MINT narcotics units
  • Shepherd Police Department
  • Isabella County Central Dispatch

Strangely, the Morning Sun article — and none of the other local news articles — makes any mention that Eric Rohman was an employee of the Mt. Pleasant public school district.

Clearly an oversight on their part, right?

However, right-wing journalist Frankie Stockes of National File made the connection in his article that noted that Rohman was pretty vocal at a school board meeting pushing for even more LGBT teaching and although it isn’t clear what his role is in the school board, he apparently has access to children. He told parents that their kids were “hungry” for knowledge and that their parents’ values won’t matter.

   When school parents pushed back on the pro-LGBT curricula being peddled to their kids, which has been likened to a form of pedophilic public school grooming, Eric Rohman delivered an impassioned plea to the local school board in favor of “educating” children on homosexuality and transgenderism, even taunting parents at one point during his talk.
   Rohman, who boasted to the board and audience members that he is both “vaccinated” and a “proud member of the LGBTQIA community,” also donned a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt during his school board address.
Source: National File

This guy was rampantly virtue signaling about everything from his vaccination status to his support of Black Lives Matter to his sexuality at a school board meeting. He probably has his pronouns posted in his social media bio, too.

One thing he didn’t advertise was that he is apparently sexually aroused by children.

Who could have imagined that someone who was advocating bringing even more sexuality into the classroom got turned on by kids?

It’s a real head-scratcher, isn’t it?

Stockes also posted a video of Rohman at a Mt. Pleasant School Board meeting.

Here’s the transcript:

ROHMAN: My name is Eric Rohman. I am a resident, townie, taxpayer, vaccinated and functioning graduate of this high school, class of 1999, proud member of the LGBTQIA community, and an employee of Mt. Pleasant Public Schools. [smattering of applause] Thank you.

I really cannot speak more eloquently than the people who have spoke before me tonight, but what I can say is that for the past 5 years, I have had the profound privilege of working with your students, [gestures to his left] with your students, [gestures to his right] with your students [gestures in front]. And I can tell you this — they are hungry for knowledge. They are so hungry for knowledge that despite your words, your wishes, your values, they will learn on their own.

So many of your children are hurting, questioning, struggling in this world that we have created. They are simultaneously being taught to celebrate and to hate who they are — I can’t deny that — every day. Ultimately, they will become who they will become — with or without us. Give them the chance, the grace, and the support to embrace their own learning. They’re gonna do it anyway, no matter what you say or do, no matter how many candles you light, no matter how many rallies you hold. With liberty and justice for all.

Rohman’s little speech is a bit reminiscent of this creepy video from the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus that was blasted by a number of gay right-wingers for being completely tone-deaf and contributing to the idea that all gay people are groomers.

Most of the time, when conservatives use the term “groomers” with regard to the rampant sex, gender, and LGBT education in classrooms, they don’t mean it as teachers literally trying to have sex with kids, but as taking them under the wing and introducing idea pathogens around radical sex and gender ideology and urging them to adopt one of these identities which are then celebrated.

Of course, sometimes, some of them just want to have sex with kids.

The Venn Diagram of people who advocate teaching kids about sex and those with a secret proclivity for sex with kids may not be a circle stacked on top of another circle, but it does appear to have some pretty significant overlap.

This is just one more reason to get your kids out of public schools.

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