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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Slams Ukrainian Government For BLACKLIST Of Americans

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The United States has sent billions to Ukraine to protect their borders while neglecting our own and their government’s response is to vilify American politicians and journalists.

If you don’t agree 100% with the Zelenskyy regime in Ukraine, post the flag on Instagram, and wear the “I support Ukraine” t-shirt, then you’re a “Russian agent” and “pro-Putin” or perhaps just a “useful idiot” by unwittingly “spreading Russian propaganda.”

The Zelenskyy government in Ukraine has decided that certain Americans fall into the category of “Russian propagandists” including Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), former Congresswoman and Army Reservist Tulsi Gabbard, and independent journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Tucker Carlson discussed this insane “blacklist” and spoke to two of the people on that list, Glenn Greenwald and Tulsi Gabbard.

As mentioned by Tucker, back in March, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made headlines worldwide for banning 11 (mostly left-leaning) opposition parties under the guise that they were “anti-Ukrainian” and/or had “links to Russia.”

It has become cliché to call things “authoritarian” these days, but in his address in March announcing the ban of opposition parties, Zelenskyy sounded like a dictator.

“I want to remind all politicians from any camp: wartime shows very well the meanness of personal ambitions of those who try to put their own ambitions, their own party or career above the interests of the state, the interests of the people,” Zelenskyy said in the address.

“Any activity of politicians aimed at splitting or collaborating will not succeed. But it will get a tough response,” he added. “The activities of those politicians aimed at division or collusion will not succeed, but will receive a harsh response.”
Source: Business Insider

“Everyone must now take care of the interests of our state, the interests of Ukraine,” he said.

Is banning opposition taking care of “the interests” of the state? Or is it the interests of the ruling party?

While this was largely reported uncritically since Zelenskyy took over the role of global media darling from Canada’s Justin Trudeau after the unfortunate publishing of his blackface photos, a handful of leftwing outlets were calling it “undemocratic” and that it was censorship of those in a position to challenge the reasons for the ongoing war with Russia.

It’s a stark reminder that Ukraine is not a democracy as we think of one — it’s still riddled with corruption and run by oligarchs over 40 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As a matter of fact, cleaning up the oligarch-dominated ruling system and railing against the ruling class hiding their assets offshore was a big part of Zelenskyy’s campaign for President in 2019… too bad that the Pandora Papers have revealed that the New Boss isn’t that much different from the Old Boss with his “undisclosed stake in an offshore company” that he quietly transferred to a friend just weeks before winning the election.

This is the guy that is the alleged moral superior who is blacklisting Americans who are critical of billions upon billions of American tax dollars going to fund a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia over territory that has been disputed for hundreds of years.

Pretending that everything was hunky-dory in the Donbas region is disingenuous. The situation with Luhansk and Donetsk is complicated because of the number of Russians living there and calls to break from Ukraine. There was plenty of civil unrest there for years and several attempts to become independent states.

Ukraine has every right to defend its borders against Russian aggression. Just because some shirtless manlet former KGB agent wants to: (a) secure as many fossil fuel sources as possible while the rest of the world tries to “go green”; (b) get the ol’ Soviet gang back together; and (c) give the middle finger to an ever-expanding NATO that it sees as a threat to Russian interests in the region — which is understandable since NATO was formed to create a military alliance to provide a counterweight to Soviet military in central and eastern Europe — that doesn’t make it right.

But the injustice of the invasion doesn’t mean that you can’t question the billions of dollars in funding and equipment pouring in from all over the world for an ongoing proxy war.

Freedom of speech is a right that is a defining feature of American democracy that the Founders enshrined into the original documents. This “blacklist” by the government of Ukraine should remind you why it’s important to protect that right.

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