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Inflation Rose To 8.3% In August… But The Biden Admin Is Celebrating ‘Inflation Reduction’ Anyway

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It’s a Bidenflation party!

Clueless Joe and his Merry Band of Ignoramuses has decided to celebrate the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act on the day that it was announced that inflation didn’t decrease as expected.

White House Diversity Hire Press Secretary announced just how the Prevaricator in Chief would be lying to the public in one of his brief public addresses.

This is what the White House will be celebrating…

The New York Times tried to spin this, but there wasn’t much to work with. Mostly, they were touting the lower gas prices.

The reason for the lower prices is because the Biden administration chose to gut the Strategic Oil Reserve to keep them from continuing to rise.

Newsmax host, Benny Johnson, posted just how much the Biden admin has drained the strategic reserve.

Rick Santelli was pretty clearly not pleased. He also says the thing that the vast majority of the Regime Media is hesitant to say — this is because of increased government spending.

Liz Ann Sanders, Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., notes that that’s the overall increase in the CPI. The food component alone has hit double-digits.

WaPo’s Economic columnist further explains in part why this is hurting American families so much:

GOP National Press Secretary tweeted out some stark numbers as well:

Staff writer at Timcast posted what should be a reality check for Democrats, but likely won’t be.

The markets took a nosedive.

Meanwhile, the President is tweeting that this is a time to celebrate the passage of the Inflation Exacerbation Reduction Act.

And his Spokesmuppet is openly lying to the American people.

The Biden White House is pretty bold.

And they just don’t care.

They started their celebration of the bill that has ramped up inflation with James Taylor singing about a childhood friend’s suicide.

Weirdly appropriate.

When Biden made it to the lectern, he insisted that the bill that is filled with Democrat spending priorities is reducing inflation. LOL, no.

As he has been doing with more frequency lately, “Angry Joe” made an appearance.

And he stayed there for the majority of the 25-minute speech.

Biden also said that he’s committed to addressing climate change as the cost of electricity continues to soar.

Of course, Biden was still Biden.

Isn’t it weird how the Biden administration is so often “surprised” by things?

And how the meaning of “inflation” has changed over the past 17 months?

Neil Cavuto on Fox News interrupted Biden’s celebratory Build Back Broke address/campaign speech with a reality check.

This is why we call him “Clueless Joe.”

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