WATCH: Hispanic Activist Slams ‘Republican Of Convenience’ Ana Navarro In CNN Debate About Busing Migrants

Written by K. Walker on September 26, 2022

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This is a thing of beauty.

CNN held a debate last week on their morning program “New Day” discussing the GOP Governors busing migrants into blue state Sanctuary Cities. The debate centered around the 48 migrants that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent to the “sanctuary” of Martha’s Vineyard… who then deported them to a military base in Cape Cod in less than 48 hours.

The debate was between Hispanic activist Abraham Enriquez and Ana Navarro, CNN commentator, co-host of “The View”, a regular political commentator on Telemundo, and a Democrat apologist that calls herself a Republican to get on tv and attack actual Republicans.

Enriquez is the founder of Bienvenido, a nonprofit organization that, according to its website, was formed to “inspire and equip the next generation of Hispanic leaders.”

The Bienvenido website also says that it is committed to “showcasing the power behind the Hispanic community.”

If one of the things that Bienvenido is “inspiring” and “equipping” the next generation of Hispanic leaders to do is owning the Libs, then they’re well suited to the task because that’s precisely what Enriquez did to Navarro in this debate.

As the pair debated, the CNN chyron read, “Conservatives debate GOP govs shipping migrants to blue states.”

While it may seem like making Ana Navarro look like an idiot would be an easy thing to do — just let her talk for example — it takes some finesse to do it as elegantly as Enriquez did in this clip. He remained calm, cool and collected and blindsided her with a real

Enrique said that “just coming to the U.S. border is a miracle in itself” adding that the the lawsuit being leveled against DeSantis is “election-year political theater.” He said that DeSantis was offering transportation to homeless migrants who needed refuge and that they had signed waivers that were written in both English and Spanish.

He adds that it’s frustrating for the Hispanic community in Texas that despite the thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens that are coming into their communities on a daily basis, it wasn’t until a few dozen were sent to Martha’s Vineyard that it became a national news story.

“It’s easy to have empathetic values or insights to open border and weak border policies if you live in the Upper East Side of Manhattan or Malibu, but these are our communities, and these are our resources that are being strained,” said Enrique adding, “All we’re asking for is for other states — which, by the way, have sanctuary city laws — to start picking up their weight in this crisis that we have caused by the lack of attention from our President.”

Navarro then decided to go scorched-Earth and blast both DeSantis and Enrique. She went after DeSantis for “tricking” the illegal border crossers into going to one of the most beautiful beach communities in the country where residents posted signs declaring their willingness to harbor refugees. Then she attacked Enrique and accused him of using his Hispanic heritage to downplay what DeSantis did.

Enrique responded with grace, “I actually spend a lot of time in our southern border, and I invite you to come down and celebrate National Hispanic Heritage month. You’ll probably see all of the Hispanic heritage celebrated there, and that’s why I’m saying that what we’re seeing in our southern border is lack of attention.”

“Our Border Patrol agents are overworked. There are no federal resources that are even trickling down to our border. So, in order for us to say that flying migrants — who were homeless, Ana, who had no food, who had no shelter — to a sanctuary city, in a sanctuary state that has more than enough resources is bad, to me, that is complicit to what’s going on,” he continued. “You can be a Republican by conviction, or you can be a Republican by convenience, and I chose to act on conviction.”

Navarro responded with a mocking laugh that paired with her smug expression and snide comments.

What a bonus that he said what we’ve all been thinking for years — that Ana Navarro is a “Republican of convenience.”

This exchange is on par with that Royal commentator that completely blindsided Don Lemon on his show just a few days before.

WATCH: Don Lemon Asks Guest If The Royal Family Should Pay Reparations — Immediately Regrets It

Shortly after the debate, Navarro reveals just how ignorant she is about the issues surrounding illegal migration — she said that the socialist dictator of Venezuela was “Ricardo” Maduro instead of Nicolás Maduro.

It could have been a slip of the tongue, but she did take heat for it on social media.

Slip of the tongue or not, she deserves the mockery. Navarro is so arrogant and acts as though she’s an expert on every issue when it’s very clear that she is deeply ignorant of many, many things.

When was the last time that she has espoused a single, conservative position?

All she does is spout ridiculous Democrat talking points while claiming to be a Republican.

It’s most blatant with her pro-abortion position — she’s more extreme than some Democrats.

Here she is disingenuously reporting on polling on abortion saying that 61% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal “in all or most circumstances” — but that’s not what the poll says. She left out the part about “early in pregnancy” to make it sound like Republicans pushing for abortion restrictions at 15 weeks are the extremists.

The vast majority of Americans believe that there should be limits on abortion.

When Roe was overturned, Navarro tried to thread the needle of being Catholic and pro-abortion. She even went so far as to list a number of her family members who she thinks probably should have been aborted.

What an effign ghoul!

She has the audacity after that to say that red states are like Cuba and North Korea and abortion is “not a “real” issue but just “manufactured” by the GOP.

She must be unaware that North Korea has no limit on abortion, which is consistent with her position, while Cuba restricts abortion after 8 weeks.


Now, she’s doing the same thing with illegal entry into the country.

It’s about time that someone called her out for it.

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