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With Recruitment Critically Low, Why Is Biden Still Gutting The Military With Mandates?

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Joe Biden made a grand show of his faux outrage and crocodile tears for the military while running against Trump, but his policies just aren’t backing up his ‘deep devotion’.

Leave aside for a moment the fact that he bungled Afghanistan so badly it made Saigon look like an organized retreat. Leave aside needlessly killing 13 members of our military, while calling the droning of an innocent family a ‘righteous strike’ and checking his watch while caskets whose deaths were directly attributable to his choices passed by.

As a basic fact, Democrats have never really liked the military. It’s the one thing they refused to spend money on.

Remember Sequestration? Even now, Biden seems more interested in seeing that Ukraine has what it needs to fend off Russia than in maintaining our own readiness in the face of increasingly-bellicose near-peer rivals (read: China). Early criticism of his Presidency, for example, pointed to the fact that the Military was the only big-ticket government line item that did NOT receive a bump in federal spending.

Remember how Biden’s rationale for pushing the vax mandate was supposed to be all about preserving military readiness? That logic is failing on two fronts.

First, even the CDC now admits that the vaccine does not exactly deliver on early claims that it would provide some kind of a silver bullet for the Wuflu. You can still get it if you are vaxxed, and you can still transmit it if you are vaxxed. If it’s batting 0-for-2 in the things vaccines are supposed to do, why insist on vax mandates? If there’s a more innocent explanation than using it as a litmus test to create a more politicized and ‘woke’ military, we’re open to suggestions.

As Chip Roy put it, a “de facto ideological purge.””

“Joe Biden’s message to young, healthy American patriots is clear: unless you submit to taking a politicized, ineffective COVID-19 vaccine, you cannot serve in the Armed Forces,” he said in a statement. “Through their tyrannical military vaccine mandate, this Administration is intentionally forcing out thousands of the brave men and women who sacrifice to serve our country. This de facto ideological purge will continue to undermine our military readiness for years to come.” –Breitbart

Second, by giving people the pink slip for refusing a vaccine that carries far risk of harm than we were first told, every person fired leaves a personnel gap. Even if only a handful were shown the door, that means a YUGE investment in training and experience that needs to be replaced.

Now multiply that problem … by 100k.

Rep Mike Johnson raised his own concerns about our military’s readiness.

“The Biden Administration’s military vaccine mandate is clearly harming military readiness by creating unnecessary recruiting and retention shortfalls,” Johnson said in a statement.
“And now, after the Pentagon has tried, and failed, to make up the difference by reducing recruitment standards, over 100,000 active servicemembers—who taxpayers paid to train—face discharge during the worst recruiting year in our military’s history,” he said.
They expressed particular concern for the readiness of the U.S. Army, which will miss its recruiting goal this September 30 by thousands but stands to lose eight percent of its one million-soldier force due to the vaccine mandate.
“If 75,000 soldiers are discharged, it begs the question whether the Army will be able to replace them,” the legislators wrote. “At the very end of the fiscal year, the Army has only met 52% of its FY22 recruiting goal. How will it recruit another 75,000 troops beyond its annual target to account for vaccine-related discharges?”
— Breitbart

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. These figures don’t appear to account for the losses in the National Guard which were projected in the summer to be around 60,000 persons.

Combine that with Democrats deliberately alienating their most reliable source of volunteers — Red States — with their DEI policies, drag shows, and pronouns-in-bio, stories of veterans and their families relying on SNAP benefits (food stamps) and dismal recruiting levels, we’re already in rough shape as far as readiness is concerned.

Like so many of his other policies, Biden’s mandates have taken America in the wrong direction.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck