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AOC’s Whining About Migrants And Money Makes The Republican Case FOR Us

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A few million strangers flooding into America is a ‘good thing’ but a few thousand bussed into self-proclaimed sanctuary cities is a crisis?

Democrat outrage over the ‘stunt’ of Governors Abbott and DeSantis redirecting a small percentage of the latest surge of illegal immigrants to the very places that cheered their arrival and called themselves ‘sanctuary cities’ has shone a light on the lie at the heart of their argument.

AOC is upset about the ‘burden’ New York is shouldering by absorbing a small percentage of the people coming in. And she’s nto the only one freaking out. Mayors of the sanctuary cities who have been the final destination of bus trips

The super-advocate for open borders doesn’t have sense enough to realize it, but her reaction completely explodes her own open-border argument.

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that the Biden administration needs to give New York City more taxpayer money for taking care of illegal immigrants and that the US should accept every single border crosser and immediately make them citizens at a town hall meeting in the Bronx on Wednesday night.
According to the New York Post, AOC said, “those federal resources should come to New York City, and those federal dollars should come to places that want to take care of people, and we need that financial support.”
— PostMillenial

Where was her offer of money to support all of those red states who had been absorbing such a large number of these ‘new arrivals’? Where is the offer to bolster their overburdened education system, restock their food banks, or reimburse their hospitals for unfunded care?

She never offered a cent. Because she was telling the world that all of these illegal immigrants are a ‘net positive’ for a soceity. The talking point was always that they contribute more than they take out of the system.

From the beginning, the Right as called B.S. on that talking point. Now that it’s hitting her own backyard, and soaking up resources that her own voters would be drawing from, she wants a government handout.

Bless her heart, that’s not how sanctuary cities work.

The entire concept of a sanctuary city is to FLAUNT federal immigration law and accept illegal immigrants as a way to give the middle finger to immigration laws and anyone whose job it is to enforce them.

Taking that stand means you don’t CARE what federal law says, you’re going to do what you want. Ok, then. There is a consequence for that. When that insolence costs you money, and you run up a tab, you don’t get whine to law-abiding taxpayers and ask for a handout.

The left wants it both ways, but hasn’t yet figured out they have to choose. They can have open borders or they can have social safety net. But if you try to have both, it will collapse under its own weight, and bring other things down with it.

Her own party’s open borders policy crated this crisis… on purpose.

They mocked anyone who claimed there was a crisis when they believed the problem was one that had to be shouldered by ‘those people’.

We hear stories of farmers near the border who see a thousand people a week cross their land, with the fear of contamination making it illegal for them to bring their produce to market. But it’s ‘not a crisis’.

We hear stories about refrigerant trucks being called in to handle the bodies that won’t fit in the morgue. But it’s not a crisis.

We see girls as young as five being treated for injuries after being raped by the crime syndicates that took them over the border. But it’s not a crisis. (That last one is by no means an isolated incident.)

Criminal cartels on the other side of the border are quickly building up an arsenal to rival a modern military, and they have defacto control of our Southern Border. But it’s not a crisis.

Criminal cartels have footholds on OUR side of the border. But it’s not a crisis.

Hundreds of thousands of people flow through communities in which fewer than 100k call home, and that’s not a crisis. But few busloads of foreigners get unload in New York, DC, or Chicago?

Suddenly, it’s a crisis.

Now that their policies are having direct consequences in their own backyard that even a partisan media can’t sweep under the rug, suddenly it’s a crisis requiring action.

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