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WATCH: DeSantis SCHOOLS CNN Journo Questioning Florida’s Response To Hurricane Ian

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The Governor of Florida could teach a Masterclass to conservatives on how to handle the media.

The Regime Media is hyperventilating about how Governor Ron DeSantis had bungled the response to Hurricane Ian for not evacuating Lee County before the storm suddenly turned at the last second and the eye hit there.

New York Times hatchet woman that was relied on by Hillary’s campaign to push out her talking points says that the tragic death toll form the massive storm is due to a “delayed evacuation.”

It’s disgusting and disingenuous but completely expected from a partisan hack like Haberman.

It’s easy to Monday morning Quarterback hurricanes, but at the time, projections didn’t show that Lee County wasn’t within the “cone of uncertainty” where the eye of the storm would hit.

Hurricane Ian was a massive storm and Governor DeSantis had said early on that the entire state would be affected. Early projections had the eyewall hitting the panhandle until the storm turned after hitting Cuba and everyone was expecting it to make landfall near Tampa.

As FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell said, “Storms are unpredictable.”

On the Sunday talk shows, Criswell set the record straight. “Just 72 hours before the storm made landfall, Lee County wasn’t even in the hurricane path, right. It wasn’t even in the predicted zone of where it was going to make impact. And it continued to move south day by day,” said Criswell. She added that as soon as predictions came in that Lee County would be affected, “local officials immediately put the right measures in place to make sure that they were warning citizens to get them out of harm’s way.”

But the Lib journos have to do what they can to attack DeSantis because he’s up for re-election in a few weeks and is a potential 2024 Presidential contender.

CNN’s Nadia Romero tried to pin the death toll on DeSantis and he deftly handles the critique by asking where the media was parked as the hurricane was making landfall. Hint: it wasn’t Lee County.

Here he is “disabusing” Romero of her “narrative”:

Haberman was blasted online for her tweet, so now she’s saying that the response to the aftermath is what’s important.

Alright, Mags. Let’s take a look at what’s happening with the aftermath.

And then there’s this little gem that is being spread like wildfire by conservatives on Twitter.


Huh. Looks like Ronnie D’s got things going tickety-boo over in Southwest Florida, all things considered.

You know that the Libs aren’t going to like that very much.

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