WATCH: Legal Philosopher Gives An Update On The Latest Gov’t Tyranny Against Dutch Farmers

Written by K. Walker on October 11, 2022

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The climate authoritarians have been emboldened.

Headlines around the world warn about the alleged rise of “far-right” authoritarianism poised to subvert democracy… but they’re only half-right about that. It isn’t the right that is pushing overtly authoritarian measures that are going to devastate lives.

As we saw in Canada in February, and the jackboots on in the inaptly-named Democratic Party, it is the Left that is subverting democracy and becoming increasingly authoritarian.

And there is no issue (aside from the ‘Rona, of course,) that flicks their authoritarian switch like the “climate crisis.”

We saw how they decimated farming in Sri Lanka to “go green” and they’re doing the same in other places like Belgium, Canada, and New Zealand just to name a few.

The smooth-brained, climate cultist politicos that are worried about a slight drop in global temperature over the next hundred or so years are notably trying to do this in the Netherlands which has perhaps the most efficient agricultural industry in the world. That European nation that is roughly the same land mass as Connecticut and Maryland combined is the second-largest agricultural exporter on the planet. They must be doing something right.

Nevertheless, the Dutch government is insisting that there is a “nitrogen crisis” and that farming needs to be dramatically altered in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Dutch farmers followed the protest model of the Canadian truckers protesting COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek is a Dutch political commentator and legal philosopher. She’s made a few appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

You may remember her first appearance back in January 2022 talking about creeping authoritarianism — just before the Canadian Trucker Convoy rolled into Ottawa.

She’s still talking about freedom and authoritarianism.

Here she is on Mark Steyn’s show on GB News giving an update on what is going on with the Dutch farmers.

She says that the new plan is insidious — the government is going to forcefully expropriate over 600 farms over the next few years. Some of these farms have been in the same family for hundreds of years.

The truly shocking part is why…

Vlaardingerbroek says that the land is being taken to deal with a housing crisis that they didn’t see coming caused by a migrant crisis that the government exacerbates with their bleeding heart, open borders rhetoric.

It seems that the people in charge are incapable of predicting the second-order consequences of their policies. In this case, it will be food shortages as the global supply chain is already disrupted and inflation is hitting pretty much every nation on Earth.

And we’re supposed to trust these people to “save the planet”?

No thanks.

What happened to “trust the experts”? Does that only apply to a respiratory virus and not agriculture?

These political climate zealots can take a hike and let the Dutch farmers who know what the hell they’re doing explain that humans will continue to need food whatever the global temperature is.


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