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Bobulinski: How His Testimony Before Congress Could Change … Everything

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Of all the corruption stories, the one that can do the most damage to the uniparty establishment is about to break wide open.

The Hunter Biden laptop is real. Even Democrat news sources have been forced to admit as much — long after they had locked shields around Biden to protect his election chances from being damaged by that true story.

The expectation was that the Hunter Biden laptop story — like so many other Democrat scandals before it — would lose emotional impact over time and just quietly go away. That was the entire premise behind naming the pro-Clinton activist group, ‘Move On (dot) org’.

This time things are a little different. The cover-up became the story. We now have evidence that the FBI initiated conversations with Social Media so that they would deep-six these stories just in time to save Biden’s hopes in the 2020 elections.

We’ve even heard unconfirmed allegations that the ‘Intelligence Community’ knew about the Hunter Laptop story and were able to get ahead of it because people from three-letter agencies had been monitoring the phone calls of Rudy Guiliani. Serious stuff, if they can back it up.

When Democrats held the House and Senate, there wasn’t too much Republicans could do to push the issue. Now that it looks like one or both are about to flip — and flip in a big way — the rules of the game have suddenly changed.

With Republicans holding a gavel or two, no amount of coordination between the White House, the media, or Big Tech will prevent some very sensitive information about the Biden Family’s business dealings from coming to the fore.

Biden’s own former business associate still owns the devices with the conversations he had with Joe, Hunter and their foreign business partners. He has agreed to make his conversations publicly available to Republicans who have concerns that Joe and Hunter Biden’s business dealings are not what they appear.

In another previously-unseen text message, Hunter invited Bobulinski to meet Joe Biden at the Milken Institute in Los Angeles in May 2017, just as the Bidens’ Chinese deal was heating up.
‘My Dad’s speaking Wednesday morning at Milken. You should come meet him if you can,’ the First Son wrote on May 1 2017. ‘OK sounds good,’ his business partner replied.
The text is further proof of Bobulinski’s claims that he met with the former Vice President and discussed his Chinese business dealings – something Joe has repeatedly denied.
…In one shocking message from May 2017, Hunter indicated that Joe Biden was involved in negotiating the deal with CEFC.
‘In light of the fact we are at an impasse of sorts, and both James’ lawyers and my Chairman gave an emphatic NO- I think we should all meet in Romania on Tuesday next week,’ he wrote.
Walker then texted Bobulinski on the side: ‘When he said his chairman he was talking about his dad’.
In another text to the businessman Gilliar wrote: ‘Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid.’

This is just the tip of the iceberg of examples Bobulinski is expected to put on the public record for the Republican-led investigation.

Here comes the analysis portion of the story: Why does this matter?

For one thing, if airtight evidence comes along that Joe Biden is, in fact, in the pocket of the Chinese Government, people across politics, the media, and big tech will have to size up the situation and make a hard choice.

Will they break from the party line and denounce corruption in the Democrat party (and among the many allies who covered for it)? Or will they hold the party line and defend the indefensible knowing that if they go all-in supporting Old Joe, but enough OTHER people get ‘scared straight’ and denounce him they will be exposed as one of the flunkies who knew the truth but defended the lie anyway.

Let’s not forget that no amount of political power can protect you from the consequences of the public learning the truth. Even with Nixon, it wasn’t getting caught that cost him the Presidency, so much as being exposed to the public.

There is a possible scenario in which the corruption in the Biden family becomes so evidently obvious that even the most partisan Democrat can’t afford to be seen defending Joe Biden… not because they have principles, but because it is a career-ending move that will sink any future political aspirations.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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