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All Eyes On SCOTUS While Title 42 Decision Hangs In The Balance


Title 42 is the last finger left plugging the dam in Biden’s Broken Border … and one day before it was to be lifted, SCOTUS is hearing an emergency appeal from states desperate to keep it plugged.

Schumer has tipped his party’s hand. Whatever one might say about their intent, the open border is deliberate, and their end game is mass amnesty. He has said so himself. This has been the plan since at least 2018 when Palmieri’s leaked memo said Democrat electoral hopes into the future hinged on DREAMers and immigrants.

Biden has fallen in step with that plan, systematically removing one impediment after another until it is evident that Mexican drug Cartels, not American law enforcement, hold operational control of our border.

Masses of incoming ‘migrants’ keep law enforcement tied up while cartels smuggle people and products they do NOT want to see intercepted at other crossing points along the border.

Remain in Mexico is gone. And agents with the unenviable task of enforcing our law on the border are stuck playing the role of concierge, rather than enforcing the laws on the books.

With Title 42 the latest Trump-era remedy to be struck down by a judge, and predictions of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants a day poised to flood border towns whose resources are already strained beyond capacity, states have turned to the Supreme Court for relief.

For context, Obama’s appointee made it clear why the numbers we have are unsustainable, and the predicted numbers are catastrophic.

The Supreme Court is temporarily blocking an order that would lift pandemic-era restrictions on asylum seekers but the brief order leaves open the prospect that the restrictions in place since the coronavirus pandemic began and have been used to turn back hundreds of thousands of prospective asylum seekers could still expire on Wednesday.

The order Monday by Chief Justice John Roberts — who handles emergency matters that come from federal courts in the nation’s capital — comes as conservative states are pushing to keep the limits on asylum seekers that were put in place to stem the spread of COVID-19. The states appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court in a last-ditch effort before the restrictions are set to expire Wednesday, saying that lifting the limits on asylum seekers would cause irreparable harm to their states.
In the one-page order, Roberts granted a stay pending further order and asked the government to respond by 5 p.m. Tuesday. That is just hours before the restrictions are slated to expire on Wednesday.
…Conservative-leaning states have argued that lifting Title 42 will lead to a surge of migrants into their states and take a toll on government services like health care or law enforcement. They also charge that the federal government has no plan to deal with an increase in migrants.
“This Court’s review is warranted given the enormous national importance of this case. It is not reasonably contestable that the failure to grant a stay will cause an unprecedented calamity at the southern border,” the states wrote in their request Monday.

Americans on both sides of the issue — especially in border towns — will be watching this decision with keen interest.

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