Court Makes Important Decision On Kari Lake Case … Here’s What’s Next

Written by Wes Walker on December 20, 2022


They laughed when Kari Lake said she would challenge the result of this crapstorm of an election. Who’s laughing now.

Challenges to the 2022 election looked to many like they were following the same pattern as challenges to the 2020 election.

Yes, we can all agree that some crazy weird things were seen on election day. But the results are the results, and good luck finding a judge willing to hear your case in court.

Liz and the J6 clowns can spout off all they like about 2020 but realistically, most of the actual complaints never got before a judge because questions of timing both before and after election day made it nearly impossible to get a judge to hear the case, even when some members of SCOTUS were open to hearing specific arguments about Constitutionality of certain details that came into play.

Two years later, we see Maricopa county with massive election machine breakdowns, claims of disenfranchisement, and vote totals that inexplicably exceeds the number of votes that were actually cast.

Kari Lake said she would take her case to court, and she has done exactly that.

Hobbes supporters replayed the strategy that worked for Democrats in 2020 expecting the case would simply be thrown out.

They were wrong.

Further complicating this case is the fact that Hobbes was overseeing this gongshow of an election in which she, herself, was a candidate.

Lake’s legal team made a variety of complaints. Fox 10 decided to frame it by noting how many were dismissed, whereas the actual news is to be found in the ones the judge found compelling enough to warrant further hearings.

From Fox 10’s own reporting:

Specifically, court documents state that of the 10 counts listed in Lake’s lawsuit, counts two and four were not dismissed.
Count two deals with allegations of ballot printer malfunctions. Specifically, the count alleges that ballot-on-demand printers that malfunctions on election day were not certified, and “have vulnerabilities that render them susceptible to hacking.” Separately, the count alleges that the printers malfunctioned because of an “intentional action.”
Judge Thompson’s ruling states that while the first allegation is not enough to state a claim, Lake is still entitled to try and prove her claims that the ballot printers were interfered with.
“Plaintiff must show at trial that the BOD [ballot-on-demand] printer malfunctions were intentional, and directed to affect the results of the election, and that such actions did actually affect the outcome,” read a portion of Judge Thompson’s ruling with regard to count two.
Count four, meanwhile, deals with ballot chain of custody. Specifically, the count alleges that there are violations of the County Election Manual pertaining to a chain of custody for ballots.

We canot guess the outcome, but we do know that the final gavel has yet to fall on Kari Lake’s challenge to the SNAFUs in Maricopa county.

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