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Democrat Politicians Hide Their Problems in Plain Sight

I read several news stories that should have been combined. In the first story, a committee of the US conference of mayors asked for more gun-control laws. In the second story, gun-control activists with the help of Democrat senators and the Biden Administration pressured the US Center for Disease Control to remove a study that showed honest citizens defend themselves with a firearm 2.5 million times a year. In the third and final story, I remembered that anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg donated 100 million dollars to the Biden campaign and 20 million dollars to Senate Democrats. The connection is obvious.

‘Politics is the art of creating problems, finding problems, diagnosing them incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.’

Governing a large city is a difficult job in the best of times. There are always more needs than resources. These are not the best of times. Governing a major US city is harder still when Democrats and the Biden economy have decimated small businesses and inflation has eliminated personal savings. Chapter 11 bankruptcies are up 76-percent. We are seeing a parallel surge in foreclosures that increased 64-percent.

Lives are at stake. Unemployment and poverty leads to a cycle of family breakdown, drug abuse, and violence. People move to find better jobs and safer homes. Deep blue cities and states are bleeding US citizens. When you’re a Democrat mayor of a major US city, you can’t exactly blame the Democrat politicians for your city’s problems. That would be political suicide.

Rather than fix the difficult underlying problems, billionaire Michael Bloomberg provides the obvious political excuse for these big city mayors. They can claim that guns cause violence in our large democrat-controlled cities. These Democrat mayors can’t admit that guns only cause crime in their cities but not in other cities with a growing economy and a working criminal-justice system. It is easy enough for the corporate media to ignore gun-control’s history of failure.

The glaring problem with blaming guns is that guns also stop crime. Though seldom covered in the news, it is a fact that honest citizens often use their personally owned firearms to stop violence and to prevent violence. Self-defense happens millions of times a year. That is an inconvenient fact for Bloomberg and these big-city mayors.

It used to be tedious to collect this self-defense data by calling people on the phone and asking them questions. Online surveys have increased the depth and width of the sample data. Rather than taking three thousand responses by phone, modern online surveys now sample over 50 thousand individuals. Even with those modern techniques, finding out if honest citizens used a gun for self-defense is harder than it appears: asking the right question is critical. Recent surveys put the answer at 1.7 to 2.5 million instances of self-defense each year.

That comes to over 6-thousand armed defenses each day. That is a glaring contradiction if you want to claim that honest gun-owners are the source of violence in your failed city.

North Korean Jang Song-thaek disappears in the photo on the right KCNA via BBC

We’ve seen Twitter, Google, Facebook, and the mainstream media hide inconvenient facts before. Anti-gun Democrats have already funded propaganda centers to help dilute the documented benefit of armed defense. Rather than creating false studies, an easier solution is to simply hide the inconvenient data at the CDC. Taking a page from political dictators of the past, history will be rewritten and the data will simply disappear. The corporate media in the United States doesn’t want to report on armed defense anyway.

Stalin (center) with Nikolai Yezhov to his left. After Yezhov’s execution, he was airbrushed out of the photo. YouTube/ITN

Propaganda techniques that worked for dictators years ago might not work as well for Democrats today. It is harder to erase history, though it is easier to cloud it. It is certainly easier to insert propaganda into the internet and onto web browsers.

The good news is that we are an army of Davids with our cell phones. Each of us is a citizen-journalist who documents the facts around them. My friends uncover sources that I miss.

Even billionaires with political connections have a hard time hiding the truth.


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Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.