TwitterFiles 7: FBI Paid Twitter Millions And Pressured Execs To Suppress The Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Written by K. Walker on December 19, 2022


New details show that the FBI was working to influence Twitter long before the New York Post Laptop From Hell story dropped.

Independent journalist Michael Shellenberger, who dropped the latest TwitterFiles, said that there existed “an organized effort by representatives of the intelligence community” targeting “senior executives at news and social media companies” to discredit “leaked information about Hunter Biden before and after it was published.”

Remember, the FBI had Hunter’s laptop since December 2019 and knew it wasn’t “Russian disinformation” at all — but they pushed it anyway.

They lied to high-level executives at Twitter and primed them to view the laptop story as Russian disinformation.

The pressure exerted on Twitter execs was so bad that even the censorious Yoel Roth was questioning what they were talking about since there was very little evidence of foreign interference on the platform.

Nevertheless, the FBI persisted.

Agent Elvis Chan arranged for special temporary Top Secret security clearances for Twitter executives so that the agency can share threat information on the upcoming election with them. Later, an encrypted messaging network between Twitter and the FBI was set up, and then a virtual “war room” was created for “all the [Internet] industry plus FBI and ODNI” [Office of the Director of National Intelligence].

The FBI also paid Twitter $3.4 million for “legal process response” — presumably the time Twitter executives were coordinating with the federal law enforcement agency.

Former FBI official Jim Baker turned Twitter deputy general counsel actually thanked the FBI in a letter for helping kibosh the Hunter Biden Laptop story.

The most recent ‘Twitter Files’ also revealed how an FBI official-turned Twitter lawyer sent a letter thanking the Bureau for its help suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story.
Baker, who before serving as deputy general counsel for Twitter held a similar role for the FBI, worked closely with Bureau when it teamed up with the social media company to fight what it called election interference from foreign nations.
Baker and the FBI worked together to try to push the narrative that the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop had been hacked from another source by Russian agents and placed on the laptop that was later found at a Delaware repair shop, and that the laptop never belonged to Biden at all.
Source: Daily Mail

Here’s the latest drop:

Here is Agent Chan in March 2020 discussing how the FBI had “established channels of communication” with private companies and “shared threat indicators with them to protect their platform” and one might say help in “fortifying” the 2020 election.

So, what does the White House have to say about that?

Nothing, apparently.

Why would they? It worked.

They just never expected that the public would ever find out.

And we never would have known if Elon hadn’t bought Twitter and opened up the Twitter Files.

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