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WATCH: Biden’s Energy Secretary Says The Future Of Nuclear Fusion Will Be ‘Diverse, Equitable, And Inclusive’

A massive scientific breakthrough in nuclear fusion technology was announced earlier this week and the Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm wasted no time putting the “woke” spin on it.

In case you missed it, the Department of Energy announced on Tuesday that there was a breakthrough on December 5th in nuclear fusion research that could lead to the availability of limitless “clean” energy.

Secretary Granholm made sure to invoke the magic mantra of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) when talking about the future of nuclear fusion energy.

Did you catch that? It’s right at the end of the clip.

Here’s a shorter version:

Of course, the Biden admin has to virtue signal with every single announcement.

What does it mean? Who knows?

Secretary Granholm probably doesn’t know, either. She just said it because that’s what this administration does.

Whatever they mean by it, you can pretty much guarantee that it means an even higher price tag.

It’s really unfortunate since Granholm is right that it’s a significant scientific innovation. It’s incredible that we’re actually seeing significant advancement in the technology that is basically science fiction becoming reality. Incredible!

Nuclear fusion is just so freaking cool.

Just listen to NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, Dr. Marvin Adams, describe the breakthrough at Tuesday’s presser:

From Forbes:

Nuclear fusion involves combining atoms into a single, larger atom. The process generates enormous amounts of energy, and is the core reaction that drives our sun.
Nuclear fusion differs from nuclear fission, the process used in nuclear power plants. Fission splits atoms, rather than combines them, generating dangerous radioactive waste in the process.
By contrast, nuclear fusion is far more efficient, generates almost no waste, and runs off hydrogen atoms readily available in seawater, rather than radioactive materials buried in the ground. That makes it the ideal candidate for powering everything from houses to manufacturing plants… if it could be scaled.

For decades, scientists have been trying to create energy with nuclear fusion but have been unsuccessful because there was always a net loss in energy — more was expended than created.

But that all changed earlier this month.

December’s nuclear energy breakthrough occurred at the National Ignition Facility, which uses a process called “thermonuclear inertial fusion.”
Essentially, the $3.5 billion laser complex shoots 192 lasers at a tiny capsule. The capsule contains two hydrogen isotopes that, when bombarded with energy, vaporize almost immediately. The fusion process releases enormous amounts of energy.

Dr. Marvin Adams, NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, described the process at Tuesday’s press conference. He noted that the process began with a spherical cylinder containing a small capsule, “about half the diameter of a BB.”
“192 laser beams entered from the two ends of the cylinder,” he said, “and struck the inner wall…. X-rays from the wall impinged on the spherical capsule. Fusion fuel in the capsule got squeezed, fusion reactions started. This had all happened before, 100 times before. But last week for the first time, they designed this experiment so that the fusion fuel stayed hot enough, dense enough and round enough for long enough that it ignited. And it produced more energies than the lasers had deposited. About 2 megajoules in, about 3 megajoules out. A gain of 1.5.”
Source: Forbes

“December 5’s nuclear fusion breakthrough was the culmination of a century of research, funding dollars and failures,” says the Forbes article. “Though there are many steps between today and commercial viability, without this step, fusion as an energy source was little more than a science fiction gimmick. Today, it’s a reality.”

Sure, it will take decades and a few billion — or more likely, trillions — in continued research. And there’s still the problem of scale… but that’s how science works. Besides, Lord knows how much has been spent on this already!

Any innovation that will get the climate zealots to stop blocking traffic and gluing themselves to things like roads and works of art is a worthwhile investment in my books.

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