WH Press Secretary Says Jan. 6 Riot Was The WORST Attack On Democracy Since The Civil War (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on December 20, 2022

There’s a very simple way that you can tell that Karine Jean-Pierre doesn’t really believe what she just said…

You can tell she doesn’t mean it because she had to read it. She barely looked up from her notes as she spoke.

On Monday, at the beginning of the Press Briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the J6 Committee referring former President Donald Trump to the DOJ for criminal charges.

She didn’t answer directly, but she did reply that the J6 Committee was doing “important, bipartisan work” and said that the riot was the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

Really? A riot was the worst thing since the Civil War?

Is KJP sure about that?

Here’s a list of a number of things that seem to be a more significant threat to democracy:

  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor
  • The 9/11 Terror Attack
  • The Assassination of Presidents Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy, and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.
  • A Puerto Rican terrorist group opening fire during debate in the House in 1954
  • The Congressional Baseball shooting in 2017
  • The bombing of the Senate by the Weather Underground in 1971
  • The bombing of the Senate by the left-wing group Armed Resistance Unit in 1983

And that’s just a partial list of the physical attacks that were threats to democracy. But threats aren’t limited to physical attacks.

How about if say… a former Secretary of State used a fake dossier filled with disinformation on her opponent’s alleged connections to Russia and had her lawyer bring it to the FBI. The “dirty dossier” was then used as a premise to abuse the FISA system which allowed the government to spy on American citizens based on spurious claims that the FBI knew were fabricated. And it all went on with the knowledge of the President and Vice President. The “Russian collusion” narrative was born and was then cited as the reason that the election win by the target of the smear campaign was “illegitimate.”

That would certainly be a “threat to democracy.”

So would undermining the confidence in elections by changing the voting rules at the 11th hour to allow millions of unsolicited ballots float around, insisting that the changes were needed for a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, and then refusing to change them back again and calling anyone who called for a return to norms “racist.”

And what if a “secret, well-funded cabal” was convened to help “fortify” an election?

That also seems like a threat to democracy since it erodes trust in the electoral system itself.

Going back to that whole Russian collusion narrative, what if that was used as a premise for 3-letter agencies to “work with” social media companies to suppress a damaging story about the former Vice President’s son’s laptop by the oldest newspaper in the country? What if said laptop had a treasure trove of information on the former VP’s son’s crooked foreign business dealings, how his money was entangled with his dad’s, and a video diary of salacious and illegal acts that would be perfect blackmail material? What if it was all suppressed by social media companies at the apparent behest of the FBI just a couple of weeks before a Presidential election?

That seems like a threat to press freedom which is absolutely essential in a democracy.

But it’s not like any of those things could ever happen, right?



Well, that’s awkward…

Here’s the full presser. You can watch KJP start reading the comments at around the 2-minute mark.

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