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200 Illegal Migrants Just Arriving On US Soil Cheer On Biden’s Motorcade As It Passes By (VIDEO)

The question is, were they wearing the “Biden, Please Let Us In” t-shirts or not?

A number of illegal border crossers were sporting those back in March 2021 as the caravans of migrants started relentlessly rolling over the border.

Large Group Of Migrants Arrive At The Border Wearing Brand-New ‘Biden, Please Let Us In’ T-Shirts

We all know that this “border visit” was a well-orchestrated performance. Biden went to the border in January when Border Control data shows that the number of illegal crossings normally drops, El Paso cleared migrant camps from the streets, and Biden spent his three-hour visit talking to local officials that want to throw more money at the problem as well as migrant advocacy groups who have a vested interest in letting this situation continue… but not a single illegal border crosser.

It’s clear that Biden’s Broken Border visit was nothing more than a brief, staged, sanitized photo-op to shut up the critics who criticize him for never visiting the Southern border as illegal migration continues to ramp up.

While Democrat-run El Paso, Texas was able to quickly whisk away all of the migrants forced to live on the streets, the city wasn’t able to stop hundreds more from crossing the Rio Grande.

And cross they did. As they arrived illegally into the United States, a couple of hundred migrants stopped at the border wall on their way to “processing” and cheered as they watched Biden’s motorcade pass by.

President Joe Biden came closer than he ever realized to hundreds of illegal migrants who had just set foot on American soil during his border trip on Sunday.
As his presidential motorcade sped along closed roads from one carefully stage-managed facility visit to another, he came within a few dozen feet of migrants lining up on the wrong side of the border fence.
They sent up a cheer as Biden’s convoy race past above them even though he would almost certainly have been oblivious to their presence…
…Some 200 people had just made the crossing from Mexican territory, across the muddy water of the Rio Grande, and had gathered on U.S. soil at a gate in the fence as they waited for Border Patrol to let them through.
This is how the complicated business of processing at the border works.
Arrivals are brought inside the fence by border officers, who then have to process their claims of asylum and decide who is being expelled immediately and who gets to make their case to a judge.
Source: Daily Mail

The @POTUS Twitter account posted this image of Biden walking with border agents with some large barrier of some sort next to them.

Could that be a big, beautiful wall? It looks like a weathered, old fence that needs to be replaced, but at least it’s a barrier.

What Biden didn’t see — besides the cheering illegal aliens — was the humanitarian crisis that his border policies have caused.

That is the situation that Biden needs to see… and smell.

Perhaps then he’d realize that his “more humane” border policy isn’t humane at all.

Who are we kidding… this is “Clueless” Joe Biden we’re talking about!

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