50 Years Of March For Life — Savor Your Victory, But The Fight Continues

Written by Wes Walker on January 20, 2023

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Fifty years later and pro-life advocates are breathing a sigh of relief. Courts finally acknowledged the flaws in the abortion ruling. But anyone thinking that’s the end of the battle, you’re very much mistaken.

This ruling may have removed the Constitutional fig leaf protecting the practice of ending pre-born life. But it was hardly the final word on life issues.

The obvious example is how states have taken center stage, and the press is doing the heavy lifting in giving cover for aggressively pro-abortion narratives.

We are up against the same political knife-fighters who were savvy enough to see the danger in Ralph Northam’s pro-infanticide comments and circle the wagons to deflect it. They dropped the yearbook story as a political lightning rod to change the topic, and then they helped Northam himself weather the lesser storm of his yearbook controversy.

The public fell in line, as expected, and people forgot all about the infanticide question.

Meanwhile, Republicans are painted as the ‘extremists’ in abortion questions.

This is the cultural battle we are up against. Here are a few areas defenders of pro-life issues will need to pay close attention to as we move forward.

Culture and messaging. We NEED to see improvement in this area. The left hammered the absurdity of their Handmaid’s Tale narrative so hard that it has become emotional shorthand for the left framing abortion questions as the reproductive enslavement of women. We could start by elevating motherhood… example: framing Pro-life activism to be as American as baseball, motherhood, and apple pie.

Laws for the unborn and born-alive infants in pro-abortion states. These will be hotly contested, especially in the courts.

The clear wording of life-question ballot measures. We have already seen cases lost in ‘safe’ states where confusing wording has led to people voting against the position they thought they had positions of strength.

Guard against Federal workarounds and indirect enforcement measures using federal funding as an excuse to strongarm pro-life states into accepting pro-abortion policies. Use federalism as a firewall.

Learn the lesson of incrementalism: the left knows the difference between places where the can win big and where they can only take a proverbial bite out of the elephant. That tactic has successfully taken them from ‘safe, legal, and rare’ to ‘shout your abortion’ in a single generation. — This rule cuts both ways. Most voters, for example, oppose late term abortion, and would accept restrictions on that — especially if framed as being a commonsense limitation that is well within the original scope of Roe.

Awareness of the NEXT battle…

Our side is too often reactionary, playing catch-up after the left uses rhetoric to prep the battle ground and then a few test cases to advance their newest offensive policy.

Examples already underway:

Minnesota is getting ready to pass legislation stripping away any in-utero protections of life and — more than that — protections for a child who has already been born, has already taken his or her first breath, and will STILL receive no protection under law for no other reason than because that baby was not wanted by his or her mother.

Obama gave the cowardly ‘present’ vote when this issue came up as a Senator. But the left is now swinging for the fences.

At the other end of life’s spectrum, pro-life activists need to be aware of the Canada’s medicalized murder mills, where doctors have as an option for ‘end-of-life’ care, doctor-assisted-suicide.

It’s a booming industry, one of the only aspects of Canadian medicine where there is no waiting list.

Many of these cases have little or nothing to do with actual illness, most have been given a green-light after less than two hours of consultation.

The next move is to include the disabled.

Again, with the Dobbs decision, there is much to celebrate from the defenders of life.

But this is no time to take your foot off the gas. Heaven knows, the other side won’t.

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