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BUSTED: NYTimes Blows Whistle On Team Biden’s Conspiracy Of Silence Over Docs


It’s never a good sign when even the New York Times starts reporting bad news about a Democrat politician. Is it time to stick a fork in Joe?

‘Et tu, NYT?’

Biden and his team apparently took the blind obedience of his entirely politicized DOJ for granted. And it came back to bite him.

Here is the NY Times headline Joe Biden’s spin machine faced when they showed up for work today.

Joe forgot the #1 rule of Democrat partisan politics. People who will defend the party at all costs will only defend people until they stop being useful.

Or was he not paying attention when Hillary’s 2016 loss, MeToo, and the Women’s March made it safe for Journalists to finally admit that, yes, Bill Clinton really IS, in all likelihood a rapist.

The lesson of that moment was ‘political dead weight gets thrown overboard’.

Now that it’s 2023, the Midterm Elections are safely behind us. Primary season is underway, and evidence of foreign pay-for-play will be sifted with a fine-tooth-comb.

Add to that, Biden’s mishandling of classified documents has negated any opportunity to remove Trump from the 2024 playing field even before the primaries run their course and Democrats are running out of reasons to protect him from himself.

If saving the Democrat brand means throwing old Joe to the wolves, that is exactly the kind of people the beltway media have proven themselves to be. Just ask the Cuomo brothers.

If you have a better explanation for how a story like this one made it past the NYT editorial staff, we’d love to hear it. Notice the citations of anonymous White House insiders in this story. It sure sounds like someone on that team has their knives out, and it isn’t even the Ides of March yet.

Here’s some of what they wrote:

The decision by President Biden and his top advisers to keep the discovery of classified documents secret from the public and even most of the White House staff for 68 days was driven by what turned out to be a futile hope that the incident could be quietly disposed of without broader implications for Mr. Biden or his presidency.

The handful of advisers who were aware of the initial discovery on Nov. 2 — six days before the midterm elections — gambled that without going public, they could convince the Justice Department that the matter was little more than a minor, good-faith mistake, unlike former President Donald J. Trump’s hoarding of documents at his Florida estate.

…The goal for the Biden team, according to people familiar with the internal deliberations who spoke on condition of anonymity, was to win the trust of Justice Department investigators and demonstrate that the president and his team were cooperating fully. In other words, they would head off any serious legal repercussions by doing exactly the opposite of what the Biden lawyers had seen the Trump legal team do.

In the short term, at least, the bet seems to have backfired. Mr. Biden’s silence while cooperating with investigators did not forestall the appointment of a special counsel, as his aides had hoped, but still resulted in a public uproar once it became clear that the White House had hidden the situation from the public for more than two months. Mr. Biden’s advisers still hope that the trust they believe they have engendered with investigators by not litigating the matter in public may yet pay off in the long run, by convincing the special counsel that nothing nefarious took place.

It later goes on to name the President’s inner circle of confidantes:

The discussions on how to deal with the matter, at least at the start, were confined to the husband-and-wife pair of Bob Bauer, the president’s top personal attorney, and Anita Dunn, a White House senior adviser; Mike Donilon, the president’s longtime confidant and speechwriter; Mr. Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens; Stuart F. Delery, the White House counsel; and Richard Sauber, a White House lawyer overseeing the response to investigations, according to people familiar with the situation.
Eventually, the circle widened slightly, but the matter remained closely held, and the idea of preemptively making the discoveries public does not seem to have been seriously considered. Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, told reporters that neither she nor her staff were involved in crafting the strategy of when to disclose the development.

Why did they say nothing about it? The article continues:

In Mr. Biden’s case, advisers thought that the very act of publicizing the discovery of the documents would create a political furor that would make the appointment of a special counsel unavoidable. They reasoned that the discovery of documents long after leaving office was not that unusual and, as long as there was no intent to violate rules on classified papers, was generally handled without conflict, so the only thing that would create legal exposure would be drawing public attention to it.

Really? That’s strange. It’s not the approach they took, with trying to criminalize his opponent.

It explains that there was ‘no sense of urgency’ with Biden because Secret Service guards his home. Which, interestingly happens to be JUST as true of Mar-A-Lago, but they waited unti DJT was out of town for that.

The following move seems like an attempt by AG Garland to preserve the appearance of his own independence since oversight is now breathing down his neck over the weaponization of the federal government.

Senior Justice Department officials were surprised the White House had not released a detailed timeline of the discovery of the caches before Mr. Garland announced Mr. Hur’s appointment last week, according to three people with knowledge of the situation.
In announcing Mr. Hur’s selection, Mr. Garland, who seldom discusses prosecutorial moves not previously disclosed in court filings, offered his own detailed timeline of the department’s involvement in the case, revealing for the first time that the second batch of classified material had been discovered by Mr. Biden’s team on Dec. 20, weeks after the first.

The Times writers seem to think it might yet be a gamble that pays off. Perhaps.

Or it could be that their anonymous sources just gave them a knife for Joe’s back to clear the path for a whole new crop of eager opportunists who would be more than happy to take his place at the top of that proverbial greasy pole.

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