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Dr. Campbell’s Debunking Of Pfizer’s Statement In Defense To Hidden Vid Is Hilarious


This video is even funnier when you remember that Dr. Campbell started out as a supporter of lockdowns and jabs.

In reading through Pfizer’s official response to … some rumor or other about the company’s practices … he points out a few problems in the official explanation they give. The official excuse/explanation almost seems to be … self-incriminating.

As the backdrop to his show suggests, Dr. Campbell ‘followed the evidence wherever it went’. Unfortunately for the establishment class, the evidence itself was enough to red-pill him on the Covid issue.

Being a retired nurse educator, with a doctorate in nursing, Dr. Campbell was a dangerous adversary for the Pharma establisment.

As ClashDaily readers will remember, Pfizer made big news last week. It had something to do with that one guy working with the company spouting off about trade secrets.

Here was ClashDaily reporting on that development last week:

Pfizer Exec’s MELTDOWN When He Knows He’s BUSTED Is The Stuff Of Legend (VIDEO)

WATCH: Pfizer Research Director Claims Vax Manufacturer Mutates COVID With ‘Direct Evolution’ To Sell More Jabs

Dr. Campbell knows that Big Tech has been working overtime to suppress that particular story.

But they would NOT be suppressing Pfizer’s official statement in response to the particular claims in that report.

Knowing that, Dr. Campbell pulls a card from the UK’s rich history of satire and sarcasm, pretending to be completely oblivious to the undercover video and having no knowledge whatsoever of what unnamed original report or rumor Pfizer’s press release might have been written in response to.

Once you get to the part about where he’s talking about a Frankenstein virus and being a timourous man, that’s when he’s really throwing the haymakers at Pfizer that, really, you should be bringing to the attention of your reps in Congress.

As for the press release itelf, you can read it in its entirety here. As you scan it, you will notice the distinct lack of any specific reference to the undercover reporting we mentioned above.

The ‘experts’ keep scratching their heads and wondering why we don’t trust these Whitecoat supremacists.

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“Pfizer Responds To Research Claims.” Pfizer Friday, January 27, 2023.

Wes Walker

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