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HERO STUFF: Good Samaritans See Burning Jeep On Expressway … Step Up


When 56yo Susan Denise struck a median and flipped her Jeep which was now engulfed in flames, her life was in danger and the clock was ticking.

Today’s Western culture would offer up no end of justifications for why a passerby should leave that situation to an ‘expert’.

Some of the excuses might even seem sensible:
You could become another casualty needing rescuing and make the situation worse.
You’re no expert. You have no training.
You have no protective gear.

Others are just an extention of the modern fixation on self, like having an important job/meeting/committment to get to, or that the situation is ‘none of your business’.

Still others will see someone in harm’s way and only think of stopping if they can get some juicy footage for the internet.

But in a situation where there was no time to wait for an expert to show up and ‘do something’, we saw something beautiful where we might never expect to see it — on the Long Island Expressway.

People saw people in harm’s way and treated them with the same care and concern they would want someone else to show if the situation were reversed.

Local news reported the details:

According to the Suffolk County Police Department, 56-year-old Susan Denise of Farmingville was driving a 2022 Jeep Liberty a half-mile west of exit 62 at around 12:02 p.m. when the vehicle struck the center median, flipped on its side, and caught fire.
That’s when police say multiple witnesses sprang into action, flipping the car right side up and pulling Denise, who was getting burned, from the vehicle.
Video taken by Todd Miranda shows the good Samaritans pulling Denise to safety near the right shoulder as her car is engulfed by flames. –Fox26

It’s worth remembering, in our increasingly post-Christian society is that our ‘Good Samaritan’ laws exist precisely because of Jesus’s parable about a Samaritan overcoming his natural hostility to a member of a group he was taught to dislike and distrust, by caring for him the way he’d want to be cared for if the roles were reversed.

Heck, the original parable even took place with a victim on the side of a road.

It’s good to see the profoundly disruptive and transformative cultural idea Jesus taught so long ago still carries enough weight in our culture that people will lay aside thoughts of their own safety to rescue a stranger in need.

Cheers to you, whoever you are. And prayers for a speedy recovery for the lady they rescued.

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