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Latest TwitterFiles Drop Exposes The Sham Behind The Media’s ‘Russian Bots’ Claim

‘Matt Taibbi has released another Twitter Files thread. A few things make this different than the others. For one thing, we are going back early in the timeline. All the way back to 2017.

This thread also sheds light on the rationale for identifying certain accounts as ‘Russian misinformation’.

The rationale was so transparently arbitrary and partisan that even someone with as many blatantly censorious decisions to answer for as Yoel Roth started questioning it.

All roads lead back to a single ‘think-tank’ that was driving all claims of who was and was not some kind of a ‘Russian’ misinformation-spreading partisan.

That group was named ‘Hamilton 68’. It was run by a former FBI counterintelligence official named Clint Watts. (Shades of Schumer’s ‘6 ways past Sunday’ quote.) He is now working with MSNBC. Interesting.

The agency backing it will have at least some familiar names.

You needn’t be a poli-sci major to think that any group in which John Podesta and Bill Kristol share a common cause ought to trigger a couple of red flags.

Despite the fact that, Watts/Hamilton 68 offered no second source to corroborate their claims, news outlets ran story after story about ‘Russian collusion’ or ‘Russian influence campaigns’ (etc) based on no other say-so than this lone voice in the wilderness source.

And none of the big media players bothered to wonder if this line of story was too good to be true. This became part of the pressure campaign going all the way back to Comey setting the stage for years of the slow-rolled Mueller Investigations that had very real political consequences in the 2018 midterms.

All because people believed a Russian collusion mantra rippling through public opinion, amplified by the media that was, in turn, heavily shaped by (among others) Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, John Podesta. In light of these new facts, the raw shamelessness of Hillary invoking Russia takes on a somewhat different quality.

The secret sauce for Hamilton 68’s declarations could be traced back to a list of 600 or so Twitter accounts that were the hub of this alleged Russian influence operation. They refused to share this list. They refused to let anyone else vet this list. But they insisted it was the real deal.

Twitter had the tools they needed to reverse-engineer the list they meant… and not only was there no evidence of a Russian influence campaign, it consisted of a lot of ordinary people with ideas that supported the political right over the political left. Besides all that, most of them had nowhere near the number of tweets and traffic it would take to move the needle as an ‘influencer’.

Remember all those 3rd party fact-checkers that give ‘dispassionate’ and ‘arms-length’ advice about what is true and what is not? They were being fed by this same Hamilton 68 dashboard.

Twitter called it all rubbish. Wanted to call everyone out on it — even Yoel Roth, whose future decisions were markedly less honorable.

This narrative infected the ‘bloodstream’ of news reporting.

The remainder of the story only compounds what we’ve covered here.

Even institutes of higher learning were duped.

This will open some interesting lines of inquiry as to who has trampled the rights of whom, and where the REAL threat to Democracy truly lies.

Especially if you compare that to the white paper cited at the end of any web search on the keywords: Media Matters War Plan 2017.

Here is the entire thread in its context:

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