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NASTY: New Drug-Resistant STD Super-strain Shows Up In Blue State


Despite all that money public schools keep spending to teach kids about ‘safe sex’, we keep having these same conversations again and again.

Last summer we had a Moneypox scare.

This time its gonorrhea. But this one isn’t your regular garden-variety gonorrhea. It’s Super-gonorrhea. (No, this isn’t an instance of ClashDaily getting snarky and switching into satire, that’s what World Health Org calls it.)

Be careful about bringing home any old smelly pirate hooker, kids…

… you might wind up with a gift that keeps on giving.

Two cases of drug-resistant super-gonorrhea have been found somewhere in Massachusetts.

“The discovery of this strain of gonorrhea is a serious public health concern which DPH, the CDC, and other health departments have been vigilant about detecting,” Margret Cooke, head of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, said Thursday in a statement.
Gonorrhea is the second most common sexually transmitted infection reported to health authorities in the U.S., behind chlamydia, according to the CDC.
Many who are infected by the bacteria often have little to no symptoms. However, some can develop bleeding, discharge, and more serious complications that can lead to infertility and pain.
The initial case was identified in a patient who went to a primary care clinic with symptoms of urethritis, a kind of irritation that can make it difficult to urinate. Samples examined by the state’s health laboratory flagged a “concerning” pattern later verified by follow-up testing by the CDC.
— CBSNews

A WHO article listed some of the factors that can trigger a regular case of crotch-rot to rise the status of super-strain.

Most were the very ordinary factors that can slingshot any virus into being drug-resistant, especially the over-use or mis-use of antibiotics. But one in the list stood apart.

First Monkeypox, now this.

Here, we pivot from the facts themselves to some relevant questions and observations.

We hear no end of the alphabet people celebrating relationship choices besides the one that has been the foundational unit for humans building families since the dawn of time.

When are these same very vocal activists going to take responsibility in telling their own members that the World Health Organization is explicit in connecting certain specific categories of high-risk sexual behavior to the emergence of ‘serious public health concerns’ like this one?

Of course, they won’t say anything at all about taking responsibility for outbreaks like this one. How would they even be able to bring this up?

Doing so might spoil the illusion of the lifestyle they have been demanding the rest of us celebrate being nothing but sunshine and roses. That, in turn, could crack open the door to uncomfortable conversations about ways in which not all sexual choices are equally safe or good.

For a group that insists they hold the moral high ground on all such questions, that would be unthinkable.

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