Oxford Union Debate: Konstantin Kisin Takes Woke Activists To TruthTown

Written by Wes Walker on January 17, 2023


It’s one thing to get ‘schooled’. Getting ‘schooled’ out of your woke assumptions during an Oxford Union Debate is a whole other level.

That’s exactly what happened when Konstantin Kisin took his turn to make his case in defense of the slated Oxford debate topic, ‘This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far’.

The ‘for’ side defended their position so well that attendees voted in support of it by a margin of 89-60.

The final speaker among the defenders of the ‘for’ position was ex-pat Russian comedian and podcaster, Konstantin Kisin. The blessing, or curse, of going last is that many other relevant arguments have already been made.

This held true for Konstantin as he prepared to make his case. The obvious lines of debate had already been taken up by others which left Mr. Kisin a great deal of latitude in the time allotted.

With a rhetorical flourish, he briefly enumerated the various arguments he will NOT have to make, with prior presenters having already defended them.

No, free speech is not some right-wing framing. It’s the foundation of Western Civilization. He invoked a reference to MLK’s content of character as the appropriate answer to problems of racism. He felt no need to say ‘I told you so’ that enemies of the West would invoke our own ‘woke’ sensiblities as reason to oppose and discredit Western values — as Putin himself has already demonstrated. But none of those points would occupy his time or attention in his presentation.

Instead, he focused with laser precision on … a direct appeal to any persuadable members of those in attendance who find the woke world morally compelling.

It was a bold tactic. How did he approach it? By taking dead aim at their most precious idea: environmentalism — and showing him how the approach they are bringing to bear on it isn’t merely futile, it is working against the natural survival and familial instincts of human nature.

Climate justice, strictly speaking, serves neither to advance environmental issues, NOR issues of ‘justice’ among marginalized or suffering people around the world.

He took it a step further by personalizing the issue. Instead of entire masses of hypothetical people and hypothetical carbon output, he turned his attention to the protective instincts of a single parent.

Given a choice between literally saving their child and hypothetically saving the planet, a parent will make the same decision 100% of the time.

This means the entire environmental agenda itself is built on a hopelessly flawed premise. But there is still a way forward for true believers: the path of innovation instead of ennervation.

And that path forward doesn’t mean you need to be insufferably ‘woke’.

This brief summary of his argument hardly does it justice. We encourage our readers to watch his entire presentation. You won’t regret it.

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