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Bongino Asks MRNA Expert The BIG Question About The Jab — ‘Is It Safe’?


Dr. Robert Malone was one of the early pioneers of mRNA technology.

He is every bit as much an authority as most of the people nodding along in lab coats to whatever the latest ‘received wisdom’ from the Faucian cabal might be… without any of the baggage associated with professional conflicts of interest.

In this 2-minute clip, Bongino came right out and asked it. Is the jab safe?

Dr. Malone did better than just answering that question, he answered some questions Dan didn’t ask.

First: is it effective?

Second: is it a good idea to get multiple jabs?

Not only is it ineffective (per Fauci’s own study), it probably never would have been. More to the point, the more jabs you get, the less likely they are to protect you from Covid.

Dan also asked about what’s going on with heart tissue. That was tougher to answer with any confidence, but he told us what he knows.

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Wes Walker

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