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Putin Bails On Nuclear Arms Treaty Claiming The U.S. Planned On Breaking It First

As both the U.S. and Russia continue to ramp up the rhetoric about the war in Ukraine, the threat of nuclear war continues to escalate.

For many who remember the Cold War, this is concerning.

On Tuesday, President Biden shouted in Poland that the commitment of the United States — and the rest of NATO — to Ukraine was unwavering.

“Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. Never,” insisted Biden.

As President Biden commits to continuing to write a blank check to protect Ukraine’s borders from foreign invasion (while not doing a damned thing about our own,) Vladimir Putin made his state of the nation address stating that Russia had pulled out of the U.S./Russia New START Nuclear Treaty.

The United States and Russia hold 90% of nuclear warheads in the world. The New START Treaty, which was set to expire in 2026, limits both parties to 1,550 warheads on deployed missile launchers and heavy bombers. Both sides met that limit in 2018.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Tuesday that Russia was pulling back from the New START treaty with the United States which reduces and limits each country’s nuclear arsenal.
“In this regard, I am forced to announce today that Russia is suspending its participation in the strategic offensive arms treaty,” Putin said in his annual address to the nation, just one day after President Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine.
In his long-delayed state-of-the-nation address, Putin cast Russia and Ukraine as victims of Western double-dealing. He said Russia, not Ukraine, was the one fighting for its very existence.
The speech reiterated a litany of grievances that the Russian leader has frequently offered as justification for the widely condemned war and ignored international demands to pull back from occupied areas in Ukraine.
Source: Fox News

Putin’s long, rambling speech blamed American ideals and U.S. hegemony as threats to global cooperation.

Putin Uses Woke Leftists And Weak-Kneed Church Leaders To Legitimize Attacks On The West

It’s important to remember that while Putin occasionally says something that’s true — perhaps that the West has ditched God for the new religion of wokeness, that some in the U.S. are fixated on “regime change” while denouncing “foreign interference” in their own elections, and that the U.S. is a-okay with sending billions to Ukraine to fight a centuries-long land dispute while people in the Third World are dying of malnutrition and preventable disease — he’s saying it to prop up his murderous, power-hungry authoritarian regime.

Putin even has the audacity to insist that Ukraine started the war back in 2014 — you know, when they invaded Crimea… oh, wait. That was Russia doing the invading. His contention here is that back during Obama 1.0’s second term, Ukraine attacked rebels in the Donbass region which Russia then “liberated” just a year into Obama 2.0’s first term.

It’s often helpful to check out what news outlets around the world are saying.

Here’s Australia’s 10 News First:

Here’s a short video from the Hindustan Times about Russia’s

Alleging that the United States was turning the war into a global conflict, Putin said Russia was suspending participation in the New START treaty, its last major arms control treaty with Washington.
Signed by then-U.S. president Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev in 2010, the treaty caps the number of strategic nuclear warheads that the countries can deploy.
Due to expire in 2026, it allows each country to physically check the other’s nuclear arsenal, although tensions over Ukraine had already brought inspections to a halt.
U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called Putin’s move “deeply unfortunate and irresponsible”. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said it made the world a more dangerous place, and urged Putin to reconsider.
The Russian leader said, without citing evidence, that some in Washington were considering breaking a moratorium on nuclear testing.
“… if the United States conducts tests, then we will. No one should have dangerous illusions that global strategic parity can be destroyed,” Putin said.
“A week ago, I signed a decree on putting new ground-based strategic systems on combat duty.”
It was not immediately clear which systems he meant.
Source: Reuters

It’s also quite helpful to get a better understanding of events from someone outside of North America.

WATCH: Konstantin Kisin Explains Why Russians Continue To Support Vladimir Putin

For more straight news, check out our new site, ClashNews.US.

Kisin, comedian and co-host of the TRIGGERnometry podcast, posted a thread on Twitter where he translated and summarized Putin’s speech while adding some context where necessary. It’s a long, but worthwhile read.

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