NY PIZZA PARTY: New Yorker Has Had ENOUGH OF Woke Wussies Destroying His City

Written by Wes Walker on June 27, 2023

Here’s a New Yorker who’s found a creative way with which he CAN fight city hall! It looks like Florida isn’t the only place telling the world’s wokesters to take a hike.

With everything else there going to hell in a handbasket, these clowns have time and energy to wage war against ‘pizza’?

Here’s the clip of Scott LoBaido giving his city a piece of his mind…

And here he is getting a summons from the police…

Scott does some pretty good chirping about what’s gone wrong with his cities in both videos.

He was complaining about the crime, the homelessness, nekkid adults frolicking in fountains in the name of pride while kids walked by and a whole litany of other problems in this city that are far more important than the city’s urge to solve THIS urgent ‘problem’:

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection wants to crack down on carbon emissions from coal and wood-fired pizza ovens.

If their regulations are implemented, they would impose tight restrictions on pizzerias across the city.

Pizzerias with ovens installed before 2016 would be required to buy emission-control devices to reduce total emissions by 75%.

City health officials say wood and coal-fired stoves are among the largest contributors of harmful pollutants in neighborhoods with poor air quality. –WSFA

If America had more citizens with that kind of fire in their belly, we’d be living in some *very* different times.

How do we get more? Glad you asked.

That was exactly the reason this book was written:

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