TRUMP INDICTMENT: Vivek Makes YUGE Announcement And Not Just About The Charges Themselves

Written by Wes Walker on June 13, 2023

While most of the responses to the indictment to the 45th President are lost in emotion and rhetoric, Vivek charted his own course, read the document, and drew his own conclusions.

He came away with an announcement that consisted of two parts.

The first part related to the indictment itself.

Vivek read the charging document with an open mind. Then he contrasted what was written with what he knew of the law, of history, and most importantly, of the Constitution.

He came away convinced that this indictment really did stem from political motivations that (deliberately or otherwise) ignored key facts that would have been important to the decision. Rather than speak in generalities, he gave very specific reasons for coming to that conclusion.

He cited specific flaws in the arguments and rationale that even the talking heads on TV haven’t brought up.

As mentioned in that video, he went further than just forming an opinion about it. He has filed a FOIA request for some very specific information that would (once obeyed) shed some light on just how political the motivations of this indictment really are.

But there was a second part of this announcement. One that he saved for the Tuesday am press release.

In this one, Ramaswamy addressed the question of pardoning Trump, he called out other candidates to make their positions known, and he did one other thing:

He pulled back the curtain about the foot political donors have been putting on the necks of candidates, in particular, GOP candidates.

He is not willing to be their puppet.

Anyone who refuses to say they will pardon Trump on the first day of their Presidency should have to explain their reasons NOT to issue such a pardon in this case.

Of course Vivek is still seen as a ‘longshot’ candidate.

But you can’t help but respect his swagger and his ability to chart his own course. With so many people treading ‘safe’, familiar political terrain, he’s not afraid to step out into the uncharted.

Whether his campaign sees the success it hopes to find or not, he has already dropped a boatload of ideas that are sure to spice up our debate topics.

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