WATCH: ‘Reclaim The Rainbow’ Vs. Dodgers In Drag — Have Activists Overplayed Their Hand?

Written by Wes Walker on June 19, 2023

Is the pendulum starting to move the other way? Would producing a song like this have been even possible — let alone popular — just a couple of short years ago?

A tweet featuring the video for a rap song called ‘Reclaim the Rainbow’ has racked up nearly half-a-million views in a little less than three days.

It’s unflinchingly Christian in its content… and unflinchingly honest about the refusal to play along with the demands of the activist class.

Only a couple of years ago, it would be almost unthinkable to see any significant pushback against the surging might of the PRIDE lobby.

Even maintaining your right NOT to bake a cake offensive to your personal convictions required the intervention of a SCOTUS decision.

But now, we’re seeing cracks in the dam everywhere.

The hinge point might be debated for a long time to come, but something changed when the lobby started to brazenly target children.

  • Was it the men in wigs and dresses performing for children with dance routines normally reserved for clubs requiring ID?
  • Was it the books in libraries with content and images so risque that parents can’t read them aloud in school board meetings, and that news crews had to cut away when Ron DeSantis displayed them in a press conference?
  • Was it the conspiracy among adults to come between parents and their children in keeping secrets?
  • Was it the aggressive stance being taken to fast-track students with uncertainties and insecurities to embrace an entire new persona?
  • Was it an aggressive push for the surgical and pharmalogical destruction of the natural process of puberty to replace it with unproven techniques that will result in sterility and harms which we still do not yet fully comprehend?

The ‘why’ at this point doesn’t matter. What matters is that something has changed.

Several companies are bleeding red ink in a BIG way after needlessly picking sides in the culture war. Bud Light and Target are enormous examples of the beating a company can take over pushing their chips in on the PRIDE issue.

The latest example came with the LA Dodgers waffling over whether to side with the Drag Queen version of the Westboro Baptist picketers. But instead of just being obnoxious, they are hijacking Christian religious symbols — including Christ himself — to openly blaspheme God. One example includes a stripper-pole routine involving a man being crucified on a cross being used as a prop by another male dancer.

Under pressure from the activists, the LA Dodgers decided to split the difference by honoring the drag queens with a hero award and placating the offended Catholics by giving each group a special day.

For an irreligious reader to truly comprehend the depth of the insult devout Catholics are being slapped with, one would have to lift it out of the context of religion and reimagine it in the context of race.

Imagine a ball club honoring the life and work of someone like Robert Byrd. To many people, he has done significant community service. But others cannot look past the fact that he was — at one point in his life — a prominent leader and even a recruiter for the KKK. Imagine there was an outcry by minorities who felt deeply offended by such a ceremony resulting in the ceremony being canceled… only to be reversed after another group pressured the original decision to be reinstated.

Now imagine that ball club showing its ‘understanding’ of the issue by announcing a special (previously unplanned) event for Juneteenth. Would that make everything better, or would it be adding insult to injury?

Catholics were furious. ON game day, they protested outside the main gate by the thousands. How effective it was will depend on who you ask.

People who saw this as a big win for their PRIDE movement pointed to game day seat sales and claimed victory.

People who saw the massive protest outside the stadium…

And the conspicuously empty seats at the moment this drag group was given their award…

May have drawn a different conclusion.

Let’s not forget that, per Forbes, a large portion of the LA Dodgers fan base are hispanic.

At the same time, a large portion of hispanics are either devoutly or nominally Catholic. That means the Dodgers have made a conscious choice to insult their own customer base.

Great plan. That worked out really well for the folks at Bud Light and Target.

But for a die-hard fan, the only numbers that matter are on the scoreboard… right?

Even from that perspective, that night was a disaster for the home team. Considering it was their worst defeat since before the Wright Brothers first flight you might almost describe that defeat as ‘biblical’.

Remember what Paul wrote to the Galatians? “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked?”

What an interesting coincidence.

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