BOOM! Two Black Academics Drop MASSIVE TRUTHBOMB On The Elitism Of ‘Affirmative Action’ (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on July 11, 2023

The Libs aren’t gonna like that!

Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that using race in college admissions violates the equal protection clause in the 14th Amendment, Libs have been losing their minds.

But the rage being spewed by Leftists seems to be oblivious to a few basic truths — using race to elevate some people and discriminate against others is wrong, and it inadvertently exposes their own racial biases.

In a recent episode of “The Glenn Show”, academics Glenn Loury and John McWhorter discussed the Supreme Court’s recent ruling and how affirmative action overemphases elite institutions.

Loury is an economist and the Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Economics at Brown University, while McWhorter is an associate professor of linguistics at Columbia University and a New York Times writer.

“The irony in this affirmative action is actually parasitic on inequality. In other words, it says in order to get a good job, you have to go to Harvard or Berkeley or Rice or — or some place which is a very exclusive place that has 30,000 applications for 2,000 seats in order to really make it in America,” said Loury. “They pat themselves on the back, ‘we’re creating the elite’ they presuppose that their portal is the only portal that you can pass through to get into the to the to the elite.”

Loury then explains that even though they’re elite, they are also specialized and have to be selective based on race to achieve the “diversity” that they’re seeking… and that violates the 14th Amendment.

He goes on to say that it’s absurd elitism since black students can still get a quality education at other schools that aren’t among the “elite” colleges, and that all students that go to schools other than the “ultra elite” ones are “missing out on opportunities” regardless of their race.

McWhorter then gives an example of just how elitist it is to gatekeep success like that.

“Could did you say to the staff [at mid-ranked schools] working their butts off to get their seniors into jobs as lucrative and promising as possible — all the people who are there trying to shunt their graduates into being productive and successful members of society, could you say to them, ‘You know, it’s too bad that it doesn’t work here you’re at UC Santa Cruz and you know all these black and Latino students are cut off from opportunity it’s too bad they didn’t get to go to Rice or Stanford or Yale.’ Everybody knows that’s a ridiculous cartoon,” McWhorter said.

He then goes on to explain how eliminating Affirmative Action in California wasn’t the end of the world for black Americans and that Liberal White Guilt needs to go.

If you liked this video, you’ll love this throwback video of Thomas Sowell:

Thomas Sowell Explains How Affirmative Action Fails Minorities (VIDEO)

A couple of successful and respected black men standing up, telling the truth, and cutting through the Lib narrative on race is a pretty awesome thing!

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