Hunter Biden Photographed Himself Smoking Crack Behind The Wheel And Driving At 172 MPH

Written by K. Walker on July 3, 2023

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It’s been nearly two years since the New York Post first reported on “Fortunate Son” Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell… and we’re continuing to learning about new criminal activity.

Hunter used his laptop as a diary that appears to have chronicled just about every move he made. From his slimy business dealings with some of the areas of the world known for corruption to his sordid personal life with drugs, prostitutes, and his relationship with his former sister-in-law (and her sister) — Hunter documented it in photos, video, text, email, and even recordings of phone calls.

Is it no surprise then, that the First Son has photographic evidence on the laptop of him driving his Porsche while smoking crack in a residential neighborhood in Virginia and another where he was flying along the highway in Vegas at 172 MPH.

The photos are just two of thousands available for (censored) perusal on

Biden, 53, is seen flashing what looks like a crack pipe and smoking it while driving through a residential neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia, on June 12, 2018, according to the photos uploaded by Marco Polo, a nonprofit firm headed by former Donald Trump aide Garrett Ziegler.
Less than two months later, he was seen racing to Las Vegas on August 1, when he took a snap of the car’s dashboard, revealing that he was going at least 172 mph.
Source: New York Post

The Daily Mail reports that the reason Hunter was racing along that highway in Vegas back in 2018 was to meet up with a bunch of prostitutes for a multi-girl party at a hotel hot tub.

Hunter Biden picked up his phone to snap a picture while driving at an incredible 172mph on a highway outside Las Vegas, can reveal.
He was racing his Porsche 911 to Sin City on August 1, 2018 for an encounter with multiple prostitutes when he took a snap of his dashboard showing how fast he was speeding.
The picture was found on the First Son’s abandoned laptop.
Texts also on the computer, which he left at a Delaware repair shop, show him coordinating with multiple prostitutes and inviting them all to soak in his hotel hot tub.
‘I don’t have a bathing suit and I really really wanted to wear a cute bathing suit,’ wrote one woman, saved in Hunter’s contacts book as ‘Cheryl’. ‘But I don’t have any money to buy one so then I’m just going to have to be naked right?’
The orgy may have been too much even for the hooker, who wrote to him the next day: ‘Honestly babe the problem is you have too many girls there. I understand you like a lot of girls.
She added: ‘That’s fine do one at a time.’
Source: Daily Mail

This meet-up was the beginning of the now-famous weeks-long bender he described to a hooker in 2019 while the camera was still rolling after he recorded their sexcapades. In that video, he claims that Russian drug dealers stole his laptop and left him for dead.

‘Laptop From Hell’ Video Shows Naked Hunter Telling A Hooker That Russians Stole His Laptop

But driving at a ridiculous speed on a Vegas highway wasn’t the only thing on there — it also appears that Hunter smoked crack while behind the wheel.

A photo dated June 12, 2018 shows him going 35mph down Old Dominion Drive, near Washington Golf and Country Club in Arlington, Virginia, in his new Ford Raptor truck while holding a blackened crack pipe in his hand.
He had been due to fly to Los Angeles the day before. Among his emails is a $1,048.37 United Airlines flight leaving from Washington Dulles Airport on June 11. But he missed the flight and instead drove to the airport late on the evening of the 12th.
Source: Daily Mail

If the FBI found photos like this on a laptop that belonged to one of Trump’s kids, do you think there would be charges?

It has become a trope at this point to say, “This Democrat did [bad thing X] and got away with it… if it was a Republican they’d be nailed to the wall.” But we all know it’s true.

There are standards of behavior that the Right is compelled to follow, but the Left has no such standard.

In Hunter’s memoir, Beautiful Things, he admits that he’s been reckless behind the wheel before

On October 27, 2016, he was on his way to the clinic in a Buick Verano, ‘speeding’ along a highway outside of Palm Springs, California, when he ‘nodded off behind the wheel’, he wrote in his memoir.
‘Waking up an instant later, I found myself in midair, the car having jumped a soft curb on the passing lane and soaring at eighty miles an hour into a cloudless blue sky, heading into the gulch that divided I-10,’ the book reads.
‘The car spun into the westbound lanes–the same direction as the oncoming traffic. Miraculously, there was a gap in the traffic until my car stopped dead in the emergency lane, hissing and coughing. It rested on four flat tires, with cacti and scrub brush wrapped around the undercarriage.
‘I was shaking, still amped up from being in the middle of my twelve-day roll.’
Hunter wrote that he then lied to Hertz about the crash. ‘I called the rental company and told them that somebody ran me off the road,’ he wrote.
Source: Daily Mail

Hunter doesn’t seem to care about his own life or the lives of others.

His recklessness behind the wheel is even more shocking since it was a car accident that killed his mother and baby sister when he was a toddler.

Why is the Right so obsessed with Hunter Biden? Because no matter what he does, he seems to be able to get away with it.

The crack-smoking son of the guy that pushed the 1994 Crime Bill doesn’t get jailed for his drug use; his very obvious influence peddling is ignored by the media, the FBI, and the Department of Justice, and not paying his “fair share” of taxes results in the investigation is slow-walked for years and not much comes of it.

FORTUNATE SON: Hunter Gets Exactly The Slap On The Wrist Republicans Predicted

Heck, the guy can knock up a stripper, deny paternity, dodge child support then get it reduced to a pittance, refuse to acknowledge his child publicly, and deny her using the Biden surname.

And we’re all supposed to give him a pass because he’s a former addict. Is that how it works for everyone else?

Any individual can abandon their kid, sell access to the then-Vice President of the United States, record themselves committing multiple crimes — and they’ll get a pass for that since they’re under the grips of addiction, right?

We all know that Hunter Biden is getting special treatment from the Biden DOJ, FBI, IRS, and the other Swamp Creatures that head these organizations.

They’re just mad that we’ve noticed the bias.

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