Levin & ‘Leo 2.0’ Say These 6 Motions Would COLLAPSE The ENTIRE Trump Mar-A-Lago Prosecution (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on July 17, 2023

Sure you’ve heard all the former federal prosecutors on TV tell you a thousand different ways that those walls are ‘closing in’ on Trump. But have you heard any Defense Lawyers?

We’ll do you one better. We’ve got a Constitutional Lawyer — Mark Levin — sitting down with defense lawyer Leo Terrell to talk about President Trump’s defense.

The prosecutors who have been bragging about what a ‘slam dunk’ have more than a few ‘inconvenient truths’ to face now that lawyers interested in the defense have had their turn.

Here’s the conversation:

Motion #1

0:50 Forty leaks by DOJ or their proxies

To order an investigation, immediately, by OPR into the Special Counsel, his staff, get his texts, emails, phone logs, because this violates 5th and 6th Amendments, due process.

These leaks are all about corrupting the jury pool and denying Trump a fair trial.

Motion #2

1:47 Motion to dismiss the indictment on the Presidential Records Act

The PRA — not the Espionage Act — governs the relationship former presidents have with the archives.

LEO: Game Over. That is, to me, the most important first motion the President’s legal team could file. The Presidential Records Act exonerates President Trump. Period. And there’s cases on file to show that support. […] There has been no response to that from the prosecution. And I’ll tell you why: they don’t have one, Mark.

Motion #3

3:23 The Warrant

MARK LEVIN: Motion to dismiss search warrant as a ‘general warrant’. [… The warrant] allowed the government to seize ‘similarly-packaged material’ in the ‘vicinity’ of boxes marked classified. That is a limitless general warrant that authorizes the FBI to rummage through Mar-A-Lago, which is exactly that they did. You’ve seen search warrants before, what kind of specificity and probable cause is THAT?

LEO: None! Zero!

Motion #4

Franks Hearing

4:45 ‘A judge will deny a request for a search warrant based on insufficient facts. A defendant seeking to challenge the sufficiency of an affidavit must file a Motion for a Franks Hearing. The warrant is invalid if the judge finds that a consequential statement in the warrant affidavit was a lie.

Trump’s team needs access to the original affidavit, in full. Which Levin suggests may have evidence helpful to Trump in it.

LEO: … should have been filed 6 months ago. […] If there is not substantial evidence to support the basis of that warrant? ALL the evidence is thrown out. […] I think it would end this case today. Right now.

Motion #5

Brady Motion

7:03 A Brady Motion is a legal tool you can use to compel evidence from the prosecution. You can use such a legal motion to seek both exculpatory and impeachment evidence from the prosecution.

LEVIN: I want to know if a lead prosecutor (Trump’s codefendant) was shaking down a lawyer in order to testify against [Trump].

Motion #6

Attorney Client Privilege

10:45 Privilege — this one should be fought all the way up to SCOTUS

Almost as a ‘throw-away’ addition to the other motions raised in this conversation, Levin mentions in passing that the violation of attorney-client privilege should be grounds for yet another motion.

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