VULTURES: With Countless People Dead In Ukraine, Kerry & MSNBC Talk… Climate Change? (Video)

Published on July 11, 2023

It is anybody’s guess how many tens or even hundreds of thousands are dead, wounded, or displaced by the war in Ukraine. But to Kerry, the real problem is global warming.

Other conservatives are using a shortened clip of the Kerry quote so many are being offended by. For integrity’s sake, we will include the full exchange. The context actually does make a significant difference in how callous Kerry looks.

But even in the proper context, it’s not a great look.

Joe Biden hopped yet another plane so that he could be in England when Joe Biden and Chucky III got together to talk about the olden days. They were met with a large group of gazillionaires who had hopped planes of their own to be there and talk about their grand ideas about how you and I shall be forced to comply with their new green agenda.

For some reason, John Kerry was at the front of the crowd, as the spokesperson for the grand agenda these Davos-Types were cooking up.

The journo asks Kerry, who has served as Secretary of State in the past, about Ukraine and NATO. He deflects from that to deliver his scare tactics about climate, and cheer the fact that trillions of dollars are being funnelled into his new utopian green future.

Just after the 4:15 mark, she pivots to a question about the devastation in Ukraine. She mentions several disasters — drought, flooding, concerns around possible damage to the nuclear plant.

Skipping past any human cost of those very real disasters whatsoever, she moves on to what really interests her: environmental damage. Kerry, not surprisingly joins her in skipping past the human cost of those tragedies (and those of the war itself) so he can enumerate all of the ways in which war is bad for the climate.

Give your heads a shake, people.

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