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Ka-BOOM: Tucker Carlson’s Latest Guest Is Hunter Biden Associate… DEVON ARCHER

The left was excited to see Tucker Carlson lose his show because he would take on all the ‘wrong’ stories. Little did they know it would free him up to do shows like this one.

Is it any wonder our Tucker Carlson shirts were such big sellers?

FoxNews should have paid attention to the success that Megyn Kelly was able to find without needing any network help.

Tucker had a FAR bigger following than hers. Is it any wonder that even without a TV platform backing him up, he is STILL able to bring in viewership that will turn traditional cable shows green with envy?

The whole point (one might assume) of Biden’s DOJ dropping the ridiculous J6 election indictments on Trump exactly one day after his public testimony is the same tactic we saw when Ralph Northam had his blackface/kkk yearbook photo dropped on him while he was taking on water over his public statements in support of infanticide.

The left could not risk a national conversation welding the issues infanticide and abortion together in the imagination of the public. So they used faux racism outrage as a lightning rod only to let him weather the ‘storm’. It was a headfake. America fell for it.

Most of us on the right have seen the pattern of indictments coming right on the heels of revelations that tie Joe and Hunter Biden to corrupt and potentially criminal behavior of the sort that is specifically named in Constitutional language governing impeachment.

The indictments dropped. The headfake worked.

Everybody has been talking about the Trump indictment.

And then along came Tucker Carlson, his Twitter account, and an interview. If the Bidens were hoping to make this story ‘go away’, they made a serious miscalculation. They did NOT account for the Tucker Carlson factor.

While the rest of us were still waiting to get our hands on the transcripts of the Devon ARcher testimony, Tucker sat down with Devon Archer himself.

This is that interview:

“I don’t know if it was an orchestrated call-in or not… it certainly was powerful though. Because if you’re sitting with a foreign businessperson and you hear the vice president’s voice, that’s surprise enough. That’s pretty impactful stuff.”

He specifically addresses Congressman Goldman’s loving father spin, too.

“An abuse of soft power, I would say.”

[Careful readers will notice that is listed as Part One.]

This story pairs nicely with the one that’s being reported about email between Hunter and Devon Archer that talk about FARA rules, after which Hunter told Devon to get himself a burner phone.

“Buy a cell phone from a 7/11 or CVS tmrw [tomorrow] and ill do the same,” Hunter, now 53, told Archer at the end of a lengthy email sent late on the evening of April 12, 2014.

Three days later, Archer met then-Vice President Joe Biden at the White House, according to visitor logs kept by the Obama administration.

Exactly a month after the email exchange, Burisma announced the then-second son had joined its board of directors. — NYPost

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Wes Walker

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