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Moscow Maddow Just Birthed A Whole NEW Trump Conspiracy Theory — It’s A DOOZY

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From the day he sent Hillary packing in 2016, it was obvious to anyone who watched that Trump had broken Rachel Maddow. He was living rent-free in her head and she was never the same again.

Her distraught election-night coverage was second only to Cenk’s meltdown on The Young Turks. ‘We’re in hell’ she told her audience. And she spent the rest of Trump’s term trying to prove that to be true.

Hardly any Trump-hating hoax came along that she wasn’t first in line to devour and regurgitate to her equally credulous audience.

Don’t take our word for it, here are a few examples of her ‘greatest hits’:

Trump has been living rent-free in her head for years.

She’s so focused on her wild ideas that he’s a Russian agent hellbent on usurping power that she’s completely blind to actual examples of corruption in the party she acts as a propaganda mouthpiece for… the Biden crime syndicate for example.

Or, since she loves that Russia angle, how about the money people in Hillary’s orbit just happened to make from their dealings with a certain Russian energy company.

She has pivoted effortlessly from claiming he is a Russian stooge who was going to be taken down by the Mueller investigation to her new crazy prediction in which he either winds up in prison, or somehow magically installs himself as king-for-life to keep himself out of prison.

Can you imagine if she and her fellow clowns used the same measurement stick to criticize the Biden administration of ‘banana republic’ tactics that they breathlessly trotted out against Trump?

Here are some very inconvenient receipts.

At this point, she’s like one of those end-of-the-world cultists who keeps stringing her followers along explaining away why the last doomsday prediction really DID come true in some kind of a mystical sense, and that her followers should keep on listening to her predictions because the next doomsday predition is certain to be the BIG one.

When do her viewers (or her employers) finally wake up to the fact that she’s a complete fraud?

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Wes Walker

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