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SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Former Dem Rep. Harold Ford Jr. Accidentally Tells The Truth About COVID Shots… (VIDEO)

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ICYMI, one of Fox News’s Lib apologists accidentally said the thing that you’re not supposed to say about the COVID jabs…

Harold Ford Jr., former U.S. Representative from Tennessee and current Fox News contributor was discussing the renewed calls for bringing back masking and mRNA COVID-19 boosters.

Ford, appearing from the Lib seat that he frequently occupies on The Five, said that people should “get the shot if you want” adding, “I will.”

“I won’t wear a mask, but I’ll get the shot,” he added.

“What number shot is this for you?” asked co-host Judge Janine Pirro.

He replied that he’s had “every shot so far” adding that he had one in October and one in April.

Jesse Watters then jumped in chuckling and asked, “How many? What’s the total?”

Ford replied that the upcoming booster would be his seventh shot… and admitted that he has had COVID three times.

Watters thought that was hilarious and laughed loudly while slapping the table.

Ford, who sometimes expresses more moderate views on issues, appears to be morphing into a meme in real time.

If the mRNA shots worked so well, then how did Ford get COVID three times?

But hey, it’s “safe and effective”, so the “experts” want you to line up and get your next dose!

This will continue to happen until we say, “No!”

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