Should Judge In Latest Trump Case Recuse Over Hunter Biden/Burisma Connection?

Written by Wes Walker on August 2, 2023

Donald Trump faces yet another indictment, the judge he’s facing has already been a ‘hanging judge’ for J6 defendants… there’s just ONE problem. Is this judge free of any political conflicts?

Isn’t it convenient that these indictments always seem to show up JUST in time for the news to have a reason NOT to talk about topics like Devon Archer’s damning testimony about Joe Biden’s involvement?

There is no shortage of political ‘experts’ blowing holes in Jack Smith’s latest batch of indictments against Trump, and Ted Cruz mentioned that he may be the only prosecutor in history to have brought charges against to destroy the careers of one but TWO different Republican Presidential hopefuls.

The other instance, the indictments brought against Gov. Robert McDonnell, were blown to pieces when SCOTUS voted unanimously to overturn it. But by then, the damage was done, and his political ambitions had been forever destroyed.

And let’s not pretend that his prosecutions of leading Democrats are proof-positive of him NOT being a political actor, either. Surely we’re not the only ones who remember stories like this one from the American Thinker: Justice Department leaks investigation of Sen. Menendez after he publicly opposes Obama Iran policy

With a case as politically explosive as this one is, one that relies entirely on novel legal theories while we are smack in the middle of an election cycle, it’s bad enough that it’s being tried in DC by someone working directly under an AG with a very personal ax to grind against a President who put someone ELSE in a SCOTUS seat he had been nominated to fill.

If the judicial branch wants to make any pretence of treating this case as though it is being treated with some semblance of objectivity, the judge presiding over it will have to be entirely above reproach, without even the slightest hint of conflict-of-interest influencing that judge’s decision-making.

Well, we now know the name of the judge who has been selected to preside over this case. Not only does she have a history of handing down J6 sentences even greater in severity than what has been recommended by the prosecution, but she has a personal work history with family members of the Defendant’s chief political rival.

Hunter Biden.

Better still, the judge even has a Burisma connection.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan of Washington, D.C., the judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s case in the district, previously worked at a law firm that once employed Hunter Biden and worked closely with Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

Chutkan spent 12 years working for Boies, Schiller, & Flexner LLP (BSF) where she specialized in white collar litigation and antitrust defense, before she was nominated to her current position by former President Obama, her official bio states.
Hunter Biden worked for BSF in the same year he was appointed to Burisma’s board in April 2014. Hunter quickly brought BSF partners into the fold to assist Burisma with its efforts to influence U.S. officials, according to emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In April 2014, Hunter Biden and business associate Devon Archer spoke about how BSF could give them “protection” and work with government officials on Burisma’s behalf.

“BSF can actually have direct discussions at state, energy and NSC. They can devise a media plan and arrange for legal protections and mitigate US domestic negative press regarding the current leadership if need be,” Biden told Archer. — DailyCaller

That’s not the only issue.

Trump used social media to share several videos showing just how flawed this case is right from the word ‘go’. Here’s one example:

Can a judge with a history of working closely with Hunter Biden be considered genuinely objective?

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