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Do You Notice Anything ODD About The Latest Recruiting Video — The Internet Sure Did! (VIDEO)

There's been a definite change in emphasis in the most recent ad... for some reason

When Joe took office, he could hardly wait to put his personal stamp on the military. Trump may have created the Space Force to handle orbit and cyber. But Biden would top that with changes of his own.

Here’s a photo representing one those priorities:

This was a priority in his first week in office, despite claims the real issue he claimed to care about was battling COVID:

Biden’s appointees throughout his administration were far more interested in which special-interest Identity boxes you checked off than any particular skills you might bring to bear on your appointed task.

Recruitment ads soon followed that lead. This was written in May of 2021:

Now The U.S. Army Is Going ‘Woke’ In New Recruitment Ad (VIDEO)

By May of 2023, we had Drag Queens serving as Navy ambassadors:

SEAL Who Put The Bullet In Bin Laden Puts Navy On BLAST Over Latest Recruitment Stunt

Elections have consequences. And so do politicization stunts like those. By 2022 they already saw there was a problem.

With Recruitment Critically Low, Why Is Biden Still Gutting The Military With Mandates?

But they are determined to hijack every institution in America and apparently believed the ends justified the means.

Suddenly something changed. The world became a much more dangerous place.

Russia slammed Ukraine. Then war erupted in the Middle East. China is bumping boats in disputed territories and buzzing dangerously close to NATO aircraft in international airspace.

The latest recruiting ad has a distinctly different flavor from the two stories we just mentioned. It’s the one at the top of the page.

Contrast it to the one from just 8 months ago:

The comments section below the ad is pure gold.

Here are a few juicy ones in no particular order:

Ok, we MAY have saved this one for last:

The comment section seems pretty upset. I wonder what could have possibly set them off?

Gen. Milley Thinks The Afghanistan Pullout Was Well Executed … Do You?

Ok, there’s that.
And this probably doesn’t help…

WATCH: Energy Secretary Granholm Backs U.S. Military Switching To ALL Electric Fleet By 2030

But the real problem, aside from the purges of (mainly Conservatives) who didn’t want an experimental shot that didn’t actually do much to stop COVID from tearing through a community, probably comes back to this one big idea:

Allen West Adds Name To 600+ Vets Denouncing Military’s New ‘Woke’ Direction

Real men don’t want to fight under neutered ones. And next to Joe Biden, Obama looks like General fricken Patton.

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