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Dangerous Anti-Semitism Boils Over At School Famous For Role In Civil Rights Free Speech

Berekely, once synonymous with free speech, is now known for censorship and bullying

One of the direct consequences of neo-Marxist identity politics is the knee-jerk dividing into groups as oppressed and oppressor. From there, the facts of any particular case are irrelevant.

The good guys are good, full stop. And the bad guys are bad.

As a consequence, the good guys can get away with murder (sometimes literally) with the victim shield protecting them from an culpability of even heinous actions. And the bad guys are denounced even in clear examples of self-defense.

That pretty much sums up the media and leftwing activist responses to the situation in Israel since the (literal) orgy of violence perpetrated on over 1000 civilians this past October.

The more time goes by, the louder those voices of those sympathetic to the Hamas terrorists behind that war crime become.

Dark money groups (including money from abroad) are using this opportunity to set one American against another in a conflict where those reporting on it seldom mention the American hostages we still haven’t seen returned to us.

That money has mobilized angry marches around the country (and the world) to whip up sympathy to the Palestinian cause. Not just ANY Palestinian cause, though.

It might be one thing if the demand was merely that Palestinians be treated more justly in some abstract sense. But too often that call is also paired with violent and hateful rhetoric that targets Jewish people.

More than just uttering violent threats, some of these crowds take it a step further. Jewish Americans have been the targets of many violent exchanges. That includes the one-time hub of the Free Speech movement: UC Berkeley.

In Berkeley, Jewish students were forced to flee an angry mob by way of security tunnels, with the aid of police.

Jewish students at University of California-Berkeley were forced to evacuate to a secret location after hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters stormed an event featuring an Israeli Defense Forces reservist on Monday night.

The “Israel at War: Combat the Lies” event was supposed to feature Ran Bar-Yoshafat, who served for several weeks within Gaza in an IDF special forces unit. Before the event was able to begin, the mob of protesters stormed the building, forcing the attendees of the event to sneak out the back to a secret location.

“I don’t think this about the IDF, Jews or even Israel, this is them lacking Western values like freedom of speech,” Bar-Yoshafat told The Daily Wire. “For them I am guilty until proven innocent.” — DailyWire

Campus Reform explained:

Pro-Palestine protesters successfully prevented Yoshafat from speaking, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, smashing a window and shutting down the event. Around 200 protesters mobbed the building and prevented people from entering, the university said, adding that doors were broken and the building was evacuated.

”Minutes before the event was to start, a crowd of some 200 protesters began to surround the building. Doors were broken open and the protesters gained unauthorized entry to the building. The event was canceled, and the building was evacuated to protect the speaker and members of the audience,” reads a university statement.

Danielle Sobkin, an organizer for the event and co-president of Bears for Israel, told The Chronicle that one of the people in the mob grabbed a sophomore attempting to enter the event and called him a “dirty Jew,” also spitting on him.

The left has now officially sided with angry mobs calling people ‘Dirty Jew’.

Let’s remind them of that fact the next time they get a little too free with the word ‘Nazi’.

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Wes Walker

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