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Joe’s Still Telling His Same BS Story, Now With Even MORE Dead World Leaders!

While we're still laughing at him for the Mitterand gaffe, he trots out another dead President

Mixing up the names of Mitterand and Macron is pretty dumb — but at least it’s a blunder you might be able to pass off as just misspeaking. Especially when you’re a political retread whose been in this game for more than five decades.

If Joe had any sense, he would have cut his losses, and swap out that story for a better one.

But no. As we said when we savaged him for THAT story (and yes, had way too much fun as we mocked him in the process), it combined three of his favorite things: A story starring himself, name-dropping important people, and a shameless, dishonest smear against his political enemies.

(That previous story can be found here: YO, PELOSI: By Your Own Standards Biden Is Almost A Brain-Dead Cadaver!)

The only campaigning he seems to be doing involves ‘safe’ venues like fundraisers where he won’t be inundated with chants of ‘Genocide Joe’ by the Hamas wing of the Democrat party.

Even so, the meida is a beast that demands to be fed. That means, without any real news or offical statements to report on, the press pool has to justify their own existance by finding something else to report on.

Despite more of them playing the role of guard dogs than watch dogs, every so often a true story that the White House would NOT want told slips out.

Like one in which Joe recycles the anecdote he botched last time, while replacing the very dead Franciois Mitterand with an equally dead Helmut Kohl.

For anyone keeping score at home, the G7 meeting where he said ‘America’s Back’ would have been shortly after he was sworn in in January of 2021. Kohl served as German Chancellor until 1998. The 87yo former leader died in June of 2017. If Kohl had shown up at ANY official function during the Biden years, it would have been a MAJOR news story.

The backdrop of this ‘gaffe’, mind you, is the left’s claim that Trump mixing up the names of two very much still alive rival politicians (Nancy Pelosi and Nikki Haley) is evidence that Trump’s cognitive functions are failing.

In that case, what are we to think about President ‘I see dead people’?

Screenshots of the transcripts here:

Remember Twain’s old saw, ‘If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything’? Joe wants us to think these are just ‘gaffes’. But it goes deeper than that. He gets the story wrong because either they never happened, or they are so riddled with embellishments and lies that they still never actually happened… at least no in the way he’s telling it.

Not only is Mr ‘No-Malarky’ lying to us…

He is gaslighting us by lying in such a brazen way that only an idiot would dare to believe him.

If the press weren’t so corrupt and committed to helping him win, they would call him out on it. But don’t hold your breath.

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