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Mexico’s President Threatens America Unless Joe Meets His Demands — How Would TRUMP Respond?

The only enemy Joe ever seems willing to oppose is an American who rejects his agenda

Joe Biden HATES ‘Maga’… which means ‘American First’ — meanwhile, when Mexico’s president says ‘Mexico first’ Joe seems to be an enthusiatic supporter of the idea.

This weekend, 60 Minutes had President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on their show for an interview. He has a few ‘demands’ for Joe Biden.

When demands and threats are offered to someone at the same time, that’s called ‘extortion’. And Joe Biden has become such a weak leader that he looks at Joe Biden as if he’s the junior partner in this arrangement.

The 60 minutes video, below, where AMLO is making this demand is captioned thusly in their tweet

The president of Mexico’s proposal for stemming immigration includes:

– The U.S. commit $20 billion a year to poor countries in Latin America and the Caribbean
-Lift sanctions on Venezuela
-End the Cuban embargo
-Legalize law-abiding Mexicans living in the U.S.

If they don’ do it, what will happen?

He answered: the flow of migrants will continue.

This IS an invasion, and a foreign power IS literally weaponizing it America for political gain.

What’s more, he does not care about America lives being lost to the cartels.

Not only is he dismissive of the fentanyl problem the cartels in his country have been dumping on our doorstep, claiming (basically) that Mexico doesn’t have a drug problem because they’re better people…

But he’s gone so far as to say he’s really not very interested in targeting the criminal cartels.

Now why might THAT be?

The allegation that representatives of Mexico’s future president negotiated with notorious criminals has continued to reverberate among U.S. law-enforcement and foreign policy officials, who have long been skeptical of López Obrador’s commitment to take on drug traffickers. — ProPublica

Imagine for a moment that AMLO — or any of his successors — were to make that kind of an open threat with Donald Trump in office.

Hundred-percent tariffs would be just the beginning. He might close ports of entry.
Or he might just designate the cartels as terrorist organizations and start sending military hardware over the border, and tell any NGO that aids them in this criminal enterprise that they are in danger of having their assets frozen or forfeited.

And that’s just for starters.

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Wes Walker

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