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The Gavel Drops On Mini Madoff — Here’s The 411 On Sam Bankman-Fried’s Prison Term

From the penthouse suite to the crowbar hotel, SBF past has finally caught up with him

Famous enough to be known by his initials alone, SBF was the biggest Dem donor in 2022 after George Soros. Now? He’s just another felon headed for the clink.

Fortune is fickle indeed.

After being found guilty of stealing $8 billion dollars, Sam Bankman-Fried finally finds out what his sentence will be.

Had he been slapped with the maximum for every offense, he’d be serving more than 100 years. The judge handed down a 25-year term, which was about half of what the prosecution was asking for.

The judge held nothing back, describing the felon in stark terms.

Judge Lewis Kaplan said the 32-year-old convicted fraudster “presented himself as the good guy” all in favor of “appropriate regulation of the crypto industry” — but it was just an “act.”

“He did it because he wanted to be a hugely, hugely political influential person in this country,” Kaplan said, blasting him as “remorseless.”

“He knew it was wrong, he knew it was criminal, he regrets that he made a very bad bet about the likelihood of being caught,” he continued, as Bankman-Fried stood in front of him with his hands clasped tightly at his waist.

Moments before the judge handed down the lengthy sentence, Bankman-Fried apologized for making “bad decisions” that “failed everyone I care about” — but maintained his actions “weren’t selfish.” — NYPost

SBF, meanwhile maintains his innocence. Even the regret in his statements centered on bad decisions, not criminal acts. His legal team has announced plans to appeal both the jail term and the conviction itself.

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