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Biden Camp Sends Angry Goblin To Troll Trump Trial… Backfires Hilariously

To call DeNiro an angry washed-up has-been is an understatement

If De Niro had any dignity or self-respect whatsoever, he’d quietly step off the stage and let his movie credits do the talking. Not the schlock he churned out recently, but his old stuff.

If there’s one thing he’s proven without a shadow of a doubt since Trump threw his hat in the ring, is that dignity and self-respect are not commodities DeNiro has in abundance.

As we round the corner toward summer, and voices calling for Biden to quietly step off the stage before the DNC convention grow ever louder, Team Joe is getting desperate.

Most of the incompetents and malcontents he’s employing realize that even if a different Democrat were to win the White House in Novemeber, the chances of them staying on under a different regime is near-zero. So this is a question of survival, not just for Joe, but for the people riding his coat-tails as well.

You can include his appointees in that list.

With Biden sinking in the polls, even CNN’s experts saying the Alvin Bragg case against Trump is shady and built on a foundation of sand, he’s running out of time to make a big play to get back on the right side of the polling numbers.

Until now, White House message discipline has been very careful to avoid any direct references to the Trump trial, attempting to keep up appearances of being at arms-length. Forget the undeniable fact that his fingerprints are all over the Trump prosecutions, this is a perception question.

Now, Biden is going for broke. He’s eagerly awaiting a chance to turn the Trump trial into a press conference. What’s more, he’s used the Trump trial as a backdrop for a campaign stunt featuring a ‘surprise guest’.

The unnamed surprise turned out to be yet another unhinged rant by Biden’s designated Angry Goblin, Robert De Niro.

Unfortunately for De Niro, the stunt backfired because he led off by antagonizing the Trump supporters before he began, which only incentivized them to answer back by making Team Biden’s press conference far more difficult.

He got heckled. Big-time. It only made his insane rant look even angrier and more unhinged.

The best part was when little Bobby got caught flat-footed (if any man in 6′ lifts can be truly called ‘flat-footed’) about the two men he had brought along as political props… specifically a question about how they had been shown to have perjured themselves in their testimony against Trump.

The Democrat goal was to rub Trump’s nose in the trial and (probably) to push the jury toward a decision against Trump. But the stunt flopped. Badly.

Hardly surprising, considering the half-assed script he was reading from. Did he write that empty drivel himself, or is he just an 80yo man who’s still reciting words smarter people have crafted for him to say?

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck